How Much Can You Save With a Dedicated Decryption Solution?

The data says it all: you should be using a decryption solution.


Let’s look at the numbers: 70 percent of enterprise web traffic is encrypted and more than 40 percent of all cyberattacks are concealed in encrypted traffic. Yet most security devices deployed today can’t inspect encrypted traffic.

And despite the growth of encryption and the threat of inbound and outbound attacks, many companies aren’t decrypting traffic because of the fear of the decryption tax, the network performance lag often caused using point security solutions to decrypt traffic.

All of this results in inefficiency, wasted money – tens of thousands to millions of dollars – and a huge blind spot in your network.

If you’re not using a dedicated decryption solution you are not using your existing security investment to its fullest and you’re overspending on additional security solutions in an attempt to avoid the decryption tax. And you’re doing this while putting yourself at risk of an encrypted attack or data exfiltration.

Introducing the ROI Calculator for SSLi

A10 wants to show you just how much you could save with a dedicated decryption solution, so we built a handy ROI calculator. The calculator asks a few simple questions about your environment:

  1. What is the size of your connection for outbound traffic?
  2. What percentage of your outbound traffic is encrypted (SSL/TLS)?
  3. What perimeter security do you use in your environment?
  4. Which devices in your security attack are performing outbound (SSL/TLS) decryption today?

Based on your multiple choice responses, the ROI calculator breaks down how A10 Thunder SSLi can help curb investment waste, the amount of your existing security tools you’re not using if you’re not decrypting traffic; alleviate security overspend, how much you can save with dedicated decryption by eliminating performance degradation and the purchase of additional products to compensate; and reducing your organization’s risk, the risk of an encrypted attack and the costs associated with it.

Thunder SSLi decrypts traffic and enables security devices to analyze all enterprise traffic without compromising performance.

The solution decrypts traffic across all standard TCP ports and advanced protocols, such as SSH, STARTTLS, XMPP, SMTP and POP3.

And because Thunder SSLi is a full-proxy solution, ciphers can be re-negotiated to ciphers of similar strength to prepare for future ciphers or TLS versions – that means when TLS 1.3 launches, your application and site won’t break.

Thunder SSLi is also the only decryption solution that supports up to four internal HSMs, and multiple external HSMs to secure private keys.

A10 Thunder SSLi brings visibility into encrypted traffic to ensure concealed threats don’t pass into our out of your network.

For more information on A10 Thunder SSLi, download our data sheet.


August 9, 2017

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