A10 Networks and Aarna demonstrated interoperability at the 4th ETSI Plugtests

A10 Networks and Aarna demonstrated interoperability at the 4th ETSI Plugtests

A key benefit of the 4th European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Plugtests held in June 2019 is that different vendors get a chance to test the interoperability of their respective products. We successfully tested A10 Networks’ vThunder® virtual network function (VNF) with our Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (ANOD) 2.0. A10 Networks participated in the VNF category and ANOD in the MANO category.

4th European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

The A10 Networks Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW) incorporates multiple security functions for enterprise and service provider deployments, including a highly scalable and high-performance firewall, IPsec VPN, secure web gateway, carrier-grade NAT with integrated DDoS protection and traffic steering in a single standalone product.

ANOD is Aarna Networks’ 100 percent pure-play commercially supported distribution of the Linux Foundation Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) project. ONAP includes the functionality of a MANO solution, as described by ETSI – NFVO and VNFM – but goes beyond that by providing a real-time policy-driven closed loop automation framework for service assurance. In addition, ONAP contains an inventory service and a simple-to-use design studio.

The testing used the A10 vThunder VNF packaged using a Heat VNF descriptor. Using this VNF package, we were able to onboard the VNF to ONAP’s design studio. Next we created a network service consisting of vThunder and another vendor’s traffic generator VNF (in a multi-vendor interoperability test setup). ONAP then deployed the entire network service onto a commercial cloud vendor’s OpenStack platform.

For the fourth year, ETSI sponsored this event in Sophia Antipolis. The event leverages over 40 remote labs in the ETSI Hub for Interoperability and Validation (HIVE), a program that allows for multi-party interoperability testing, PoCs, demos, and API validation.

This international program enables vendors to test NFV technology with other vendors in a controlled, secure lab environment in order to assess the level of interoperability of NFV and edge solutions, while validating suppliers’ implementations of NFV and MEC specifications and APIs. The program provides insight and validation to developing standards and allows vendors to perfect their own technology.

Aarna Networks and A10 Networks are committed to seamless interoperability for the network evolution to NFV.

To learn more about ANOD, please contact Aarna Networks. To learn more about the A10 Networks’ vThunder VNF, please visit the website.

Amar Kapadia
October 1, 2019

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Amar Kapadia is co-founder and ONAP enthusiast at Aarna Networks, an open source software company providing a commercial distribution of ONAP. Prior to Aarna, Amar was the NFV product marketing head at Mirantis. Before Mirantis, he was responsible for defining and launching EVault’s public cloud storage service (acquired by Seagate) based on OpenStack Swift. In total, Amar has over 20 plus years of experience in storage, server, and I/O technologies through marketing and engineering leadership positions at Emulex, Philips, and HP. Amar holds an MS EE degree from the University of California, Berkeley. READ MORE