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Skills development and training is a life-long process. A10 recognizes the value of the expertise our customers have developed over time deploying and managing A10’s secure application services.


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Build Your Expertise. Advance Your Career.

Our training and certification program helps IT and security professionals develop the skills and expertise to advance their careers and demonstrate their proficiency in building and managing A10’s secure application services infrastructure.


System Administration

The System Administration course is the recommended pre-requisite for all courses. Focusing on the control plane, it provides the necessary foundation for teams continuing onto ACOS application courses.

Application Delivery Control

This course provides users with the necessary skills to implement common Application Delivery Control scenarios for A10 ACOS deployments in data center environments.

Carrier Grade NAT

This course provides users with the necessary skills to implement IPv6 migration and Carrier Grade NAT scenarios for A10 ACOS deployments in service provider and data center environments.

Threat Protection System

This course provides users with the necessary skills to implement an effective threat protection system against DDoS attacks in an A10 ACOS data center environment.

SSL Inspection

This course provides users with the necessary skills to implement a system for inspection of SSL traffic.

Harmony Controller

This course focuses on providing users the necessary skills to configure, operate, and monitor Harmony Controller and A10 application services.


A10 Networks delivers instructor led training classes globally. For the Japan schedule, please click here.


CourseLocationLengthStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeTime ZoneContact
TPSOnline Instructor-led26-May7-May7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
Harmony ControllerOnline Instructor-led213-May14-May7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SSLiOnline Instructor-led116-May16-May7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SysAdminOnline Instructor-led43-Jun6-Jun7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
ADCOnline Instructor-led417-Jun20-Jun7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SysAdminOnline Instructor-led429-Jul1-Aug7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
ADCOnline Instructor-led45-Aug8-Aug7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
TPSOnline Instructor-led212-Aug13-Aug7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SSLiOnline Instructor-led115-Aug15-Aug7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
CGNOnline Instructor-led319-Aug21-Aug7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
Harmony ControllerOnline Instructor-led227-Aug28-Aug7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SysAdminOnline Instructor-led430-Sep3-Oct7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
ADCOnline Instructor-led47-Oct10-Oct7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
A10 DefendOnline Instructor-led214-Oct15-Oct7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SSLiOnline Instructor-led117-Oct17-Oct7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
CGNOnline Instructor-led321-Oct23-Oct7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SymphonyOnline Instructor-led228-Oct29-Oct7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
SysAdminOnline Instructor-led42-Dec5-Dec7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail
ADCOnline Instructor-led49-Dec12-Dec7:0011:00Los Angeles, USAEmail

Credits & Pricing

Valid for six months from invoice date. Please contact your A10 sales representative for Training Credit pricing in your region.

Public Open Enrollment Classes

Visit the Schedule tab to see upcoming open enrollment classes per region.
All classes are online instructor-led with full access to labs.

CourseTraining Credits
(per person)
System Administration20
Application Delivery Control20
A10 Firewall Technologies20
Carrier Grade NAT15
Threat Protection System15
SSL Inspection10
Harmony Controller15

Private Classes

Private classes can support up to 15 students.
All classes are online instructor-led with full access to labs.

CourseTraining Credits
(per private class)
System Administration200
Application Delivery Control200
A10 Firewall Technologies200
Carrier Grade NAT150
Threat Protection System150
SSL Inspection100
Harmony Controller150

For customized content classes, registration, or additional questions, contact

Certification Program

The A10 Networks Certified Professional Program allows you to build your skills and advance your career. The program gives you the ability to demonstrate your expertise in A10 Networks’ secure application services.

Were you previously accredited by A10 Networks? Please view our FAQ to better understand how these changes affect you, and what you need to know.

Each core technical area has a supporting certification exam. Click any item below for information on the corresponding class. Users that pass the certification exam achieve A10 Networks Certified Professional status*:

certified professional: system administration
A10 Certified Professional Application Delivery
certified professional: ddos protection
Certified Professional: CGNAT & IPv6 Migraiton
Certified Professional: Secure Web Access
Become an A10 Certified Architect:

This new certification level allows candidates who have received certification on five exams to apply for the A10 Certified Architect designation. Four out of the five exams must be for the same ACOS version. The candidate will receive a new certificate and an A10 Certified Architect (ACA) badge. To learn more about this certification please contact

A10 Certified Architect

*Certified Professional designation provides users with the knowledge and skills required in everyday configuration and operation of A10 Networks’ secure application services. The Certified Professional designation does not focus on skills associated with Professional Services activities, such as initial integration into an existing networking environment or conversion and adaptation of other vendors’ configuration files.

Features of the Certification Exams:

  • Certification exams are delivered through Kryterion Global Testing Solutions and are available at testing centers worldwide, or proctored over a web-based testing app.
  • Users get one attempt per exam to pass. Passing score is 70% or higher.
  • Users that pass the exam achieve the A10 Networks Certified Professional designation, which is valid for three years from completion date.
  • Users that pass the certification exam will receive an automatically generated personalized certificate.

To Access a Certification Exam:

  • Candidates that attend a technical training course will then receive instructions to purchase an exam from Kryterion upon completion of the course.
  • Candidates can purchase an exam independent of the training courses directly from Kryterion.


Updated: April 15, 2020

For questions about the policies, please email

Scheduling and Registering for a Class
Scheduling and registering can only be confirmed after receipt of an A10 Sales Order (SO) or prepayment.

Training Credit Expiration
Training credits and individual training SKUs automatically expire if not used within twelve months of the SO or payment date. All previously paid funds associated with expired training credits will be forfeited.

Student Cancelation and Reschedule Requests
A10 Networks must receive cancelation or rescheduling requests at least seven days before the class start date. Training credits (and the associated funds) will be forfeited for classes canceled without prior notification.

Company Cancelation and Reschedule Requests of Private Onsite Courses
A10 Networks must receive cancelation or rescheduling requests for private onsite courses at least 14 days before the class start date. Training credits (and the associated funds) will be forfeited for onsite classes canceled without prior notification.

A10 Networks Cancelation and Rescheduling of Courses
A10 Networks is occasionally required to cancel or reschedule a course. A10 Networks will notify all affected parties at least seven calendar days before the scheduled start date.

Training Materials Copyright
Student training materials are copyrighted as A10 Networks property and may not be duplicated or distributed. A10 Networks does not permit audio or video recording of course delivery.

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