Global Server
Load Balancing

Improve user experience and ensure disaster recovery

Are you losing customers due to latency and unreliable service?

Global server load balancing (GSLB) allows you to extend load balancing on a global basis and enable worldwide business continuity.

How many customers have you lost due to latency and unreliable service?


Customers demand peak, always-on application access — failure isn’t an option. An advanced application delivery controller enables your applications to be highly available, accelerated, and secure.

Legacy Global Traffic Management is Inadequate

Slow Localized Response


Users abandon a company after negative interactions

Risk of Service Disruption


Cost of hourly downtime for enterprise organizations

Failure to Meet Compliance


Euros or 2% of global annual revenue fines

Grow Beyond Infrastructure Limitations

A global server load balancer should expand server load balancing functionality across global data centers for high availability, fault tolerance, and the best user experience. You can provide a better experience to your customers through global network intelligence to select the best site for each user request, while safeguarding your network for disaster recovery.

Ensure your business stays online

  • Provide high availability and business continuity for services or resources 24/7
  • Deliver content from servers that are closest to the user or have lower utilization to minimize latency
  • Intelligently monitor the site’s health, proximity and response time for advanced server selection

Protect your business from service interruptions

  • Enable disaster recovery by immediately redirecting user traffic to the closest alternative site to minimize downtime in case of failure
  • Avoid service disruptions, even during data center maintenance, including migrations and upgrade

Gain business flexibility and optimize global performance

  • Intelligently distribute the application requests based on site health, proximity, geo-location and response times to maintain consistent service
  • Enable content and language localization by forwarding requests to servers hosting customized content
  • Support flexible deployment with private, public and hybrid clouds

Build customer trust and brand credibility

  • Satisfy regulatory and security requirements for data processing with geo-location database
  • Control traffic by applying custom policies based on geo-location information for security and regulatory purposes
  • Ensure best geographic response while also meeting country-specific requirements

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Multi-cloud and Cloud-Native Applications Drive Need for Application Delivery Controller Transformation

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Modernize your GSLB and Drive Business Growth

Retain and grow your customer base with high availability and business continuity for applications and services. Ensure your competitive advantage with better application and user experience by optimizing cloud and on-premises data centers and maximizing IT efficiency by intelligently monitoring site health, proximity, and response time. Our advanced global server load balancing solution gives you visibility and control across any hybrid cloud environment.

Solutions for Global Server Load Balancing

Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC)
  • This feature is included
    Advanced load balancing
  • This feature is included
    Performance acceleration
  • This feature is included
    Flexible deployment options
  • This feature is included
    Analytics and management
  • This feature is included
    Integrated security
Harmony Controller
  • Centralized application management
  • Actionable insights into application traffic
  • Multi-tenancy and self-service
  • Centralized device lifecycle management
  • Flexible public cloud deployment
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Critical issues

Required round-the-clock application availability to support heavy industry construction and maintenance at job sites and offices.


  • Ensured business-critical applications were highly available, accelerated, and secure with global server load balancing
  • Improved application performance and relieved web servers of encryption burdens with TLS/SSL offload
  • Gained deeper visibility into applications and simplified troubleshooting

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“The cost of downtime can rack up quickly. Providing high availability uptime for our applications is critical. Thunder CFW enables our applications to be available, accelerated, and secure.”

Chris Milton
Chris Milton
Technology Manager,
Turner Industries Group

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