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2024 DDoS Weapons Report | A10 Networks
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DDoS Attackers Uncovered

Understanding the DDoS Landscape

This report summarizes data collected by the A10 security research team and provides a snapshot of a constantly changing global weapons landscape with insight into the sources, types and other characteristics of DDoS weapons.

Key statistics provided include the following:

  • The total number of DDoS weapons tracked by region and category
  • Anatomy of the DDoS threat landscape
  • Top countries hosting DDoS weapons

DDoS attackers can come from anywhere, launching amplification or reflected amplification attacks using any of the millions of DDoS weapons distributed throughout the world.

Threat actors include students, gamers, professional cybercriminals, state actors and others. Malicious malware weaponizes unprotected IoT and other poorly protected connected devices to form botnets that send malicious traffic through unsuspecting amplifiers that overwhelm the target victim. Identifying potential weapons, bots and amplifiers is the first step in creating effective DDoS defenses.

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