Ensure Data Compliance and Service Availability in the Healthcare Industry

Modernize your security and compliance strategy while maintaining service availability

How are you safeguarding patient data, while ensuring service availability?

According to the hippocratic oath, doctors must do no harm. But harm can come from outside the exam room, from advanced cybercrime hidden in encrypted traffic. Meeting compliance standards and avoiding hefty penalties poses a significant challenge for the healthcare industry. Safeguarding patient data must be a key objective, while ensuring critical services and applications are available for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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Protect data, comply with regulations, and maintain uninterrupted service

Data security, service availability, and compliance are critical priorities for organizations. Good enough is not enough. By adopting the “decrypt once, inspect multiple times” approach, organizations can safeguard patient data while ensuring compliance. Service availability is more crucial than ever, given the constant demand for instant access of healthcare applications.

The Surging Costs and Challenges in the Healthcare Industry


Health Orgs Hit by Ransomware

57% of all healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware in the last three years


Cost of IT network downtime

The cost of downtime has skyrocketed since we’ve transitioned into a global digital economy


HIPAA Penalties

OCR settled cases resulting in $134,828,772 in fines

Ensure Service Resiliency and Data Protection

With the healthcare industry shifting towards telehealth, ensuring real-time access to patient data and constant availability for emergency calls is still a concern, but no longer the sole concern. Robust measures of ensuring the privacy, security and integrity of patient data are essential. This involves adhering to compliance standards, implementing Zero Trust strategies, and streamlining operations.

Leverage A10 Next‑Gen WAF to Avoid Penalties and Build Trust

  • Deploying a web application firewall reduces the risk of data breaches involving sensitive patient information, and ensures that medical devices like EHR or medical imaging systems are not being compromised
  • A web application firewall helps healthcare organizations achieve regulatory compliance, mitigating penalties associated with HIPAA
  • Ensure uninterrupted critical patient services like a patient monitor, the da Vinci surgical robot, and preserve the reputation of a healthcare organization

Enable the Pre‑requisite to Zero Trust with the Thunder TLS/SSL Insight (SSLi)

  • Modern traffic is encrypted and thereby invisible to inspection devices. Advanced cryptographic algorithms require resource-intensive TLS decryption. Thunder SSLi is that dedicated decryption device
  • Decrypt once, inspect multiple times using a secure decrypt zone that can integrate with countless security inspection tools
  • Protect your organization from ransomware and other forms of advanced malware

Ensure Secure, Efficient, and Reliable Application Delivery

  • Ensure efficient and reliable application delivery across multiple data centers and clouds with global traffic management to support application resilience and continuity
  • Increase application security with advanced SSL/TLS offload, single sign-on (SSO), and DDoS protection
  • Protect web applications from advanced threats with Thunder ADC and integrated A10 Next-Gen WAF

Simplify Security Operations with the A10 Harmony Controller

  • Streamline access control management for a large user base, ensuring access is granted on a need-to-know basis or according to the separation of duties among healthcare staff members
  • Aggregate extensive volumes of user and patient data, including imaging reports, personally identifiable information (PII), and employee user account data, for comprehensive analysis and the detection of anomalies, providing a unified view
  • The controller incorporates significant data and generates actionable analytics to enhance decision-making, providing guidance on securing the evolving healthcare landscape effectively
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3 Key Areas to Consider When Protecting Healthcare Data

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Earn Patient Trust by Safeguarding their Data

A10 helps safeguard patient data and protects healthcare organizations from advanced threats, simply.

Innovative Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Thunder® SSL Insight (SSLi®)
  • blue checkmark
    Decrypt once, inspect multiple times with a secure decrypt zone
  • blue checkmark
    Seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure
  • blue checkmark
    Full-proxy and traffic steering amplify visibility and control
  • blue checkmark
    Selectively decrypt to uphold compliance standards
  • blue checkmark
    Integrate with A10 Harmony Controller for actionable analytics
Thunder® Application Delivery Controller (ADC)
  • blue checkmark
    Advanced load balancing ensures application availability
  • blue checkmark
    Global server load balancing establishes business continuity
  • blue checkmark
    Performance acceleration expedites content transfer
  • blue checkmark
    Flexible deployment options
  • blue checkmark
    Integrated security with TLS/SSL offloading
A10 Next-Gen Web Application Firewall
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    Integrated Next-Gen WAF with Thunder ADC
  • blue checkmark
    Comprehensive protection with near-zero false positives
  • blue checkmark
    Advanced rate limiting
  • blue checkmark
    Account Takeover (ATO) protection
  • blue checkmark
    Network Learning Exchange (NLX)
A10 Harmony® Controller
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    Centralized application management
  • blue checkmark
    Actionable insights into application traffic
  • blue checkmark
    Multi-tenancy and self-service
  • blue checkmark
    Centralized device lifecycle management
  • blue checkmark
    Flexible adoption model including SaaS and cloud

Case Study

Multi-hospital Health System in North America

Critical issues

Address redundancy needs, decryption inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and performance limitation in the firewall decryption methodology


  • By implementing a comprehensive security chain, integrating tools seamlessly, and enhancing data visibility, the system achieved full protection, secured medical data, and improved the performance of security devices
  • The solution successfully fulfilled budgetary requirements while dramatically enhancing visibility with the data plane and ensuring problem-free and compatible integration of tools
  • With future scalability in mind, the system prepared for future projections while securing medical data, improving performance, and meeting budgetary goals

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“We discovered A10 while researching best in-breed decryption technologies.”
Healthcare Network Administrator
Multi-hospital Health System in North America

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