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Thunder® Carrier Grade Networking (CGN)

IPv4 Preservation & IPv6 Migration

Providing high-performance, transparent network address, and protocol translation, enabling service providers and enterprises to extend IPv4 connectivity and transition to IPv6 standards

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Key Benefits of Thunder CGN

Extend IPv4 Connectivity

Solve IPv4 address exhaustion and extend the life of an IPv4 network infrastructure with carrier-grade NAT to ensure critical applications and services are always available and reliable.

Manage IPv6 Migration

Enable a smooth transition to IPv6 by supporting translation and tunneling between IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Reduce TCO

High performance in a compact form factor results in lower OPEX and CAPEX through efficient rack space usage, lower power consumption and reduced cooling requirements.

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CGNAT isn't a capability it's a lifecycle strategy

With the global exhaustion of free pools of IPv4 addresses and the continuing adoption of IPv6, service providers are facing new challenges in sustaining growth and business continuity.

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Transition from IPv4 to all IPv6 Networks Transparently and with the Lowest TCO

Digital content and internet traffic are growing exponentially, and the emerging trend of the Internet of Things (IoT) will cause the number of connected devices to cross 20 billion by the end of this decade. This increases the demand for even more IP addresses. In order to sustain the current business and prepare for long-term growth, migrating to IPv6 has become inevitable for service providers.

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Additional Options

Additional services, products, solutions you may be interested in.

Harmony Controller

  • Simplify operations and increase agility

  • Centrally-manage policies for Thunder CGN services

  • Automate with APIs and orchestration systems

  • Comprehensive per-subscriber analytics

Thunder CFW

  • Upgrade to a Thunder CFW and gain access to additional security capabilities

  • Consolidated services including Gi/SGi firewall, IPsec VPN, traffic steering, and more

Network Integration

Built to integrate and add automation with your network infrastructure


Thunder CGN can also be integrated in DevOps processes by using the aXAPI RESTful API for full control and automation


Build a truly open platform to implement on-demand provisioning and integrate with OpenStack, SDN fabrics and NFV/MANO frameworks


For virtual deployments, vThunder provides the full set of CGNAT features that run atop leading hypervisors including VMware ESXi, KVM and Microsoft Hyper-V

Bare Metal

Thunder CGN for bare metal allows service providers and enterprises to extend IPv4 connectivity and transition to IPv6 with a software option on your choice of hardware

Leucom Group Case Study, Carrier-Grade NAT Counters IPv4 Address Scarcity
Case Study


As for many ISPs, IPv4 addresses are becoming scarce at the Thurgauer Internet provider Leucom.

Thunder CGN’s IPv4 scaling and IPv6 transition technology provides an outstanding, high-performance platform for carrier-grade networking for migration from IPv4 to IPv6.

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