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DDoS Protection

We help you address the growing problem of multi-vector and IoT DDoS attacks to avoid business downtime, lost revenue, and damaged reputation.

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Modern Threats Require Modern Defenses

DDoS attacks continue to grow in intensity, frequency, and sophistication with no end in sight. Most of the defense technologies and methods used by organizations, struggle to keep pace with today’s cyber attack innovations and persistence. New and modern approaches are required to address the growing threat of the weaponized IoT cyber attacks.

Attackers Have Evolved

  • Massive gigabit and terabit scale attacks are common occurrences
  • Attackers have weaponized IoT devices with multi-vector capabilities
  • DDoS-for-hire cost just a few dollars to initiate an attack

Staff Overload

  • Legacy DDoS defenses require staff draining manual intervention
  • Attackers utilize multi-vector strategies to slow defense response
  • Intelligent Automation is needed to speed response and improve effectiveness

Incomplete Protection

  • Traditional defenses response in minutes not instantly
  • Legacy defense depends on user damaging indiscriminate RTBH and service rate limiting strategies
  • Defenses built for volumetric protection are ineffective against multi-vector attack

Anatomy of DDoS Attacks:
Volumetric, Network, Application

The advent of botnets comprising countless IoT devices has ushered in a new era for cyber attacks. Companies of all sizes find themselves the victim of one or more of the three most prevalent DDoS attack types: volumetric, network, and application. Watch this webinar to dig deep into the anatomy of these attack types, and learn the steps you can take to protect against their devastating effects.

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Leaseweb Case Study
Case Study

Leaseweb Enhances Customer Loyalty with Global Web Hosting DDoS Scrubbing

DDoS attackers were a customer pain point, Leaseweb not only wanted to protect its own global infrastructure against DDoS attacks, but also to offer managed protection services to its customers.


With A10 Thunder TPS as a foundation, Leaseweb launched a DDoS scrubbing service that generates profits. Customers can choose the right level of DDoS protection for their business. A fully automated response enables Leaseweb to reduce staffing and speed response time.

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