DDoS Protection

We help you address the growing problem of multi-vector and DDoS attacks to avoid business downtime, lost revenue, and damaged reputation.

Modern Threats Require Modern DDoS Defenses

DDoS attacks continue to grow in intensity, frequency, and sophistication with no end in sight. Most DDoS defense technology struggles to keep pace with today’s cyberattack landscape. New and modern approaches are required to address the growing threat of multi-vector attacks.

Attackers Have Evolved
  • Massive gigabit and terabit scale attacks are common occurrences
  • Attackers have weaponized IoT devices with multi-vector capabilities
  • DDoS-for-hire cost just a few dollars to initiate an attack

Staff Overload
  • Legacy DDoS defenses require staff draining manual intervention
  • Attackers utilize multi-vector strategies to slow defense response
  • Intelligent Automation is needed to speed response and improve effectiveness
  • Deploying a customized and automated first layer of defense can help with significant cost savings​

Incomplete DDoS Protection
  • Traditional DDoS defenses respond in minutes, not instantly
  • Legacy defense depends on user damaging indiscriminate Remote Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) filtering and service rate limiting strategies
  • DDoS defenses built for volumetric protection are ineffective against multi-vector attack
  • Understanding and applying attack/victim insights to your infrastructure is a necessity to thwart advanced DDoS attacks​​
Security Research Report

DDoS Attackers Uncovered

This report summarizes data collected by the A10 security research team and provides a snapshot of a constantly changing global weapons landscape with insight into the sources, types and other characteristics of DDoS weapons.

How We Can Help

As the latest step in the evolution of DDoS protection, the A10 Defend suite delivers a holistic solution, combining precision in intelligent detection and mitigation, automation capabilities, scalability, proactive intelligence, and extensive reporting through a user-friendly orchestrator.

Precision DDoS Protection

The primary objective of distributed denial-of-service defense is to ensure availability of services to legitimate users. A modern defense requires advanced precision to improve effectiveness without damaging users.

  • Industry’s only 5-level adaptive policy escalation that minimizes damage to users
  • Machine learning powered zero-day attack protection
  • Actionable DDoS analytics and insights from attack/victim perspective
  • Customized and automated block lists create a layered defense, thwarting the complexity and volume of DDoS attacks

Zero-day Automated DDoS Protection

DDoS attackers continue to innovate and have automated their multi-vector attack platforms. Modern cyber defense requires machine learning powered automation that recognize cyber attacks and dynamically apply mitigation filters without advanced configuration or manual intervention.

  • Fast, automated response
  • No pre-configuration or manual intervention
  • Expert system calculates blocking filters in realtime

Unmatched Scalability

Scale plays a critical role in sizing cyber defense to combat today’s IoT threat landscape.

  • 6M FPS, 22X more flow-based detection capacity than competition
  • 256K detection policies, 256X more tracked detector policies vs. competitors
  • 3,000 active Zones, 15X more simultaneous active mitigations than competitor

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A10 Networks’ cyber defense solutions are built for performance with system-level integration. Performance by design enables DDoS defenders to build systems that lower CAPEX, OPEX and increase ROI.

  • Industry’s highest performance, 500Gbps protection in a single appliance
  • Easy integration with embedded BGP, ISIS, OSPF, VXLAN protocols
  • 30X more revenue potential for building DDoS scrubbing services
  • Optimize scrubbing service use with customized and actionable block lists, establishing a layered DDoS defense
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Case Study

Leaseweb Enhances Customer Loyalty with Global Web Hosting DDoS Scrubbing

DDoS attackers were a customer pain point, Leaseweb not only wanted to protect its own global infrastructure against DDoS attacks, but also to offer managed DDoS protection services to its customers.

With A10 Thunder TPS (now A10 Defend Mitigator) as a foundation, Leaseweb launched a DDoS scrubbing service that generates profits. Customers can choose the right level of DDoS protection for their business. A fully automated response enables Leaseweb to reduce staffing and response time.

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