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How Can Data Centers Prepare for Modern Day Cyber Threats?

Hosted by Data Center Dynamics

Cybercriminals have raised the bar for data centers and colocation providers. The threat landscape has evolved, with attack sophistication, volume and frequency increasing every year for ransomware, DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals can weave DDoS attacks as smokescreens for ransomware, malware and other techniques to target data center infrastructure and valuable customers. Protection and security are business-critical.

In this Data Center Under Attack episode, we discussed the emerging trends in DDoS attacks, and how data centers can protect their infrastructure and tenants in this evolving threat landscape. What strategies or services can be developed that will minimize the risk of cyber threats and any potential fallout?

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Dan Swinhoe
Dan Swinhoe
Data Center Dynamics

Tony Rossabi
Tony Rossabi
Recovery Point Systems

Will Bass
Will Bass
VP of Cybersecurity Services

Terry Young
Terry Young
Director of Service Provider Product Marketing
A10 Networks