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January 23, 2020

Interview with Isaac Sacolick, President, StarCIO

In the “5G: Securing What Matters” blog post series, we showcase thought leaders and their unique perspectives on the intersection of 5G, security, and technology. We recently chatted with Isaac Sacolick, who is a top CIO influencer, keynote speaker, and best-selling author. Tell us about yourself. I love how emerging technologies and innovating with them can drive new business opportunities. My career goal is to help businesses of all sizes succeed with technology, data, and collaborative business practices. I started my career as a CTO in startups, mostly in the media industry, where digital technologies continue to have disruptive impacts. Read more


January 22, 2020

Visit A10 Networks at MWC Barcelona

The global deployment of 5G networks is rapidly gaining momentum. 5G promises higher speeds, lower latency and a multitude of new IoT applications. And for the mobile operator, it means massive disruption in existing network technologies to meet ever higher requirements from critical customers. A10 Networks is leading the industry in high-performance security and scale and has live deployments in multiple tier-one 5G networks with more launches underway. We have the expertise and market-proven technology to meet escalating performance and security requirements throughout the entire 5G journey for both mobile operators and 5G enterprise customers. As 5G adoption increasingly requires Read more


December 23, 2019

Why Roaming Still Matters in a 5G World

5G changes a lot, but not everything. While 5G security is a big step forward, vulnerabilities and risks still abound, especially when it comes to roaming. Why roaming? Because GTP, the legacy protocol that provides interconnect between multi-generational network interfaces, is inherently vulnerable. And as we’ll see later in this post, multi-generational networks (2G through 5G and beyond) will remain on the scene for quite some time, long into a 5G-exclusive or single-generation mobile technology universe ever comes about — if ever. First, a bit about GTP GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) is a 2.5G technology that enables mobile users to Read more

December 20, 2019

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2019 Takeaways

Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2019 recently took place in San Diego, California. Along with an increase in the number of companies and attendees, Kubernetes also got the attention it deserves from small, medium, enterprise and telco businesses, as well. Here are my takeaways from this show. Kubernetes is Stable for Production Use Kubernetes is stable and has the required features that will allow enterprises and service providers alike to deploy their applications in production. Cloud and IT vendors like Oracle, Azure, RedHat, VMWare and AWS, to name a few, have released products to help companies deploy Kubernetes Read more


December 19, 2019

GTP Remains a Security Threat as Operators Transition to 5G

Multi-generational Mobile Networks Will Linger for Years to Come GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) is a 2.5G technology that provides interconnect between various network interfaces, enabling mobile users to roam seamlessly between networks of different generations. The protocol was developed in tandem with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), the packet-oriented mobile data standard integrated into GSM (G2) that allows mobile networks to transmit IP to external networks (i.e., the internet). GPRS is the mobile communications service that enables SMS, MMS, IM, WAP, peer-to-peer, smartphone internet apps, and more. Developed at the “dawn” of the mobile age, GTP was not designed with Read more


December 17, 2019

In 2020: My Toothbrush Will Be Hacked

In 2020, my toothbrush will be hacked. I’m sure it will happen. I will only discover it when I go to the dentist for my regular check-up and find out that I have a new cavity and [GASP], I’m still not flossing correctly. Most hacking breaches are not discovered for months after they happen. You see, two years ago I was at MWC Barcelona and amidst all the virtual reality games and smart automobiles, I saw on display… a connected toothbrush. Why? I asked the vendor as it seemed to me a rather wasteful use of technology for a simple Read more

December 11, 2019

For 2020: Cyber Attacks are the Norm

As we get close to the end of 2019, its time to have a look at the year 2020 and what it would have in store for enterprises. Since we are in the business of securing our enterprise customers’ infrastructures, we keep a close eye on how the security and encryption landscape is changing so we can help our customers to stay one step ahead. In 2019, ransomware made a comeback, worldwide mobile operators made aggressive strides in the transformation to 5G, and GDPR achieved its first full year of implementation and the industry saw some of the largest fines Read more


December 9, 2019

Boosting mobile revenue with 5G security-as-a-service

The transition to 5G will bring many opportunities to mobile service providers but it will also continue to challenge them to drive greater levels of subscriber revenue. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is flat to down while data volume per device is rapidly rising. Traditional pricing plans are being disrupted around the world and all-you-can-eat plans are expected. Substantial investment in infrastructure is expected to support this growing data volume. To remain profitable, service providers need to find new revenue streams. They can explore new revenue streams by focusing on value-added services and reducing their reliance on just being Read more


December 2, 2019

5G – The Transformation Generation

5G is currently driving transformation on a global scale whether it is for an imminent 5G rollout or laying the foundations as part of a longer-term plan. For Qatar, 5G is a key driver propelling their National Vision 2030 which is made up of four pillars – economic, social, human and environmental. The A10 Networks team had a fantastic time at the World 5G Show, which was a part of Qatar Innovation Week. Throughout the course of the day, our team engaged with customers from a wide range of verticals including education, finance, government, leading telcos and enterprises. From the Read more


November 21, 2019

Evolving Application Delivery for a Hybrid, Multi-cloud, Containerized World

Hybrid, multi-cloud, and container environments can help organizations increase business agility and compete more effectively—but they also call for new approaches to application delivery infrastructure. To ensure optimal performance, IT needs tools and methods designed to support the full diversity of today’s enterprise requirements: both traditional and modern applications, deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. A recent Business Impact Brief by 451 Research examines the trends reshaping application delivery today. The report shows a rapid shift in the locations where applications and workloads will be deployed over the coming two years: Traditional on-premises deployment will decline from 39 percent Read more

November 14, 2019

Looking Back at Microsoft Ignite: Managing Multi-cloud Environments

A10 Networks exhibited at Microsoft Ignite the week of November 4 where Microsoft made a series of new announcements. Of significant interest was the announcement for Azure Arc, which will enable multi-cloud solution management. This is consistent with our own strategy for helping our customers manage their multi-cloud environments. We are building solutions that enable application acceleration, consistent application delivery and security, and deep visibility across multi-cloud infrastructures. At the show, we demonstrated a classic use-case of multi-cloud — cloud-bursting. Customers often use cloud-bursting to elastically scale capacity from an on-premises location to public cloud. The surge in traffic for Read more