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May 8, 2019

See A10 Networks’ AI-Driven Network & Application Security Solutions

Find everything you need for best-in-class security solutions at Infosecurity Europe. Visit A10 Networks to learn how you can keep your organization always protected against the latest threats. See how we can help you: Automate your DDoS defenses Scale up for high-performance, automated 5G security Stop malware from leveraging encryption to steal data Secure multi-cloud environments with analytics and Intelligent Automation Automatically handle the scaling of app services On the Expo Floor: Demos & Can’t-Miss Highlights @ Stand F285 Get updates on A10 Networks’ latest DDoS Weapons report and threat map, see the latest products, and more: Demos — Stop Read more

May 8, 2019

DDoS Attacks Against CSPs: What You Need to Know

We’ve all seen the news stories detailing DDoS attacks against banks, consumer retailers and media publications. However, 85 percent of communication service providers (CSPs) report that DDoS attacks against their organization are either increasing or maintaining their pace. Ponemon Institute published a report in March 2019, “The State of DDoS Attacks Against Communication Service Providers,” sponsored by A10 Networks. That report took a look at the threats faced by CSPs, and the data makes it clear they hunger for better intelligence to prevent DDoS attacks. Here we’ll be discussing the report findings, including that: CSPs are vulnerable targets for DDoS Read more

May 6, 2019

Advanced Security Is Fundamental to 5G Success

Security and 5G were very top-of-mind at this year’s MWC Barcelona, as I discussed in my blog post about the event. And this is strongly echoed in a recent survey we conducted in partnership with the BPI Network, “Securing the Future of a Smart World.” Mobile operators see tremendous potential for 5G networks to drive new revenue streams and business models for carriers and their customers. But before that happens, service providers believe they will need to make significant upgrades to their security infrastructures to protect their network core and new mission-critical use cases 5G will enable. In this global Read more

May 1, 2019

Secure Application Delivery for Hyper-Converged Infrastructures

Today, every organization is undergoing digital transformation. Digital transformation will enable organizations of all sizes compete by using the right technology to drive innovation and time-to-market. Key to this is using the right hardware and software to simplify enterprise IT infrastructure, reduce cost and deploy innovative solutions that drive growth. Organizations have a lot of options when moving applications to the cloud – public (Google, AWS, AZURE) and private using hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Nutanix is the most successful of the HCI startups and remains among the market leaders. As Nutanix .NEXT 2019 user conference approaches, let’s look into HCI and Read more

April 26, 2019

What is Kubernetes Ingress?

This article is a brief overview of the Kubernetes ingress architecture including the Kubernetes services and ingress controllers. Ingress is a Kubernetes core concept responsible for managing ingress network traffic between hosted application services and external clients. Ingress infrastructures have specific technical and business requirements such as high availability, scalability, security, performance or specific application awareness and pre-processing. An ingress environment can be configured to provide a broad set of services including: Reverse-proxy with externally reachable IP addresses or HTTP URLs, providing an entry point to your application services Application delivery controller and server load balancing services TLS/SSL termination Application Read more

April 24, 2019

Three Ways to Block DDoS Attacks

In our previous post in this series, we discussed how automation can save you invaluable time during a DDoS attack. While it’s crucial to have an automated system in place that can quickly respond to attacks, it’s equally important to implement strategies that help achieve your goal of ensuring service availability to legitimate users. After all, DDoS attacks are asynchronous in nature: You can’t prevent the attacker from launching an attack, but with the right strategies in place, you can be resilient to the attack. Here, we’ll reveal three critical ways DDoS defense systems can stop the impact of attacks Read more

April 22, 2019

Three Reasons You Need DDoS Weapons Intelligence

In our previous article in this series on DDoS fundamentals, we discussed ways in which a DDoS defense system can block attacks. One of those involved the application of threat intelligence, but why should you use threat intelligence in the first place? Here, we’ll explain just that. In short, a DDoS defense system that’s armed with actionable DDoS weapons intelligence can: Tell you where a DDoS attack is coming from Blacklist known malicious IP addresses Identify current DDoS weapons Let’s explore deeper each of those capabilities. Three Benefits of DDoS Weapons Intelligence When used in an intelligent DDoS defense system, Read more

April 17, 2019

Five Ways Automation Puts Time on Your Side During a DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks can be catastrophic, but the right knowledge and tactics can drastically improve your chances of successfully mitigating attacks. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this three-part series on the fundamentals of proper DDoS protection. In this first part, we’ll explore five ways automation can significantly improve your response time during a DDoS attack: Instantly detect incoming attacks Redirect traffic accordingly Apply mitigation escalation strategies Identify patterns within attack traffic to block zero-day botnet attacks Apply current DDoS threat intelligence Response time is critical for every enterprise because, in our hyper-connected world, DDoS attacks cause downtime, and downtime means Read more

April 16, 2019

Multi-cloud? No worries – with Secure Application Delivery from A10 Networks

Join A10 Networks at Nutanix .NEXT 2019 — the data center and cloud conference where IT professionals explore best practices for building and running enterprise clouds. Be sure to stop by our booth to see how A10 Networks’ “Nutanix Ready” solutions ensure that application delivery is visible, secure, and automated.  The number of applications continues to increase and they are often being deployed across multiple data centers and the cloud. Applications must be secured, quickly delivered and always available regardless of where they reside. A10 Networks provides customers the agility needed to meet the challenge. Experience Consistent Application Delivery @ Read more

April 15, 2019

Unmatched Hyperscale 5G Security for the Core and Mobile Edge

A10 Networks at the BIG 5G Event May 7 – 8 – Colorado Convention Center, Denver – Booth 305 Join us at the Big 5G Event to experience our solutions in action. The A10 Networks Thunder 5G CFW is being embraced by more and more mobile operators worldwide with five new design wins in 2019. Our feature-rich 5G security solutions provide unmatched scale and AI-driven Intelligent Automation, while improving the economics and performance of user- and control-plane security. We’ll be demonstrating our latest 5G security solutions and A10 Networks experts will be on hand to share their perspectives on the Read more

April 15, 2019

New Solutions for Building Resilience and Defending Networks at TechNet Cyber 2019

The cyberspace battlefield has changed. It’s no longer a place where perpetrators merely launch one-off DDoS attacks or infiltrate networks with malware. It’s now a space where persistent barrages direct a torrent of continuous assaults on political, economic, and security interests. TechNet Cyber (formerly the Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium) brings security leaders from the military, industry, and academia together to devise innovative strategies for bolstering IT resilience and defending the nation’s networks. The conference agenda includes timely sessions such as Treating the Network as a Weapons Platform, Network Physical Security at the Endpoint, and Secure Cloud Computing Architecture. And it Read more