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June 12, 2019

How to Deploy the A10 Networks Secure Service Mesh in Red Hat OpenShift

What is Red Hat OpenShift? Red Hat OpenShift is a comprehensive enterprise-grade platform built for containers with Kubernetes. With Red Hat OpenShift, developers can easily deploy applications using a library of supported technologies, so teams can choose the languages, frameworks, and databases they use to build and deploy their services. (visit here to know more about Red Hat OpenShift) What is A10 Networks’ Secure Service Mesh? A10 Networks’ Secure Service Mesh solution provides an easy, automated way to integrate enterprise-grade security and load-balancing/traffic management with comprehensive application visibility and analytics with no change to applications, and across their entire lifecycle. Read more

June 6, 2019

Top Seven DDoS Protection Challenges

Although there are now more DDoS protection solutions available than ever before, companies still tend to face a few major hurdles with DDoS defense. From attack complexity to a lack of granular control, the challenges that organizations are up against are as varied as they are difficult. Here, we’ll look at the top-seven DDoS protection challenges according to the new 2018 IDG DDoS Report: Types of attacks are complex and diverse (48 percent). Need broader protection against DDoS attacks (39 percent). Attacks are coming from too many places (37 percent). Requires too much manual intervention (34 percent). Usage is cost Read more

June 5, 2019

Discover AI-driven Application Security Solutions for Multi-Cloud at Cisco Live

Cisco Live US 2019 is themed “You Make Possible.” Stop by A10 Networks to see everything you can make possible with best-in-class security, load balancing and DDoS solutions that will help you keep your organization protected against the latest threats. We will be demonstrating: Centrally managed, secure application delivery with full visibility in multi-cloud deployment Automated surgical DDoS Defense including wartime escalation and ML-powered Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) Versatile, easy-to-deploy SSL Insight, integrating with OPSWAT MetaDefender (malware detection) On the Expo Floor: Demos & Can’t-Miss Highlights at Booth 3621 Get updates on A10 Networks’ latest DDoS Weapons report and threat Read more

June 4, 2019

Time for Zero-day DDoS defense

A10 Networks entered the DDoS defense market in 2014 by shattering the industry standard for performance and integrations with the Thunder TPS 6435, a 155 Gbps performance with 100 GbE networking DDoS defense appliance. It simplified deployment and changed the economics of building high-performance DDoS defenses. The impact on the market was dramatic. In fact, in these short five years, we have shipped more than seventy-five terabits of DDoS defense capacity to our broad range of service providers, gaming and enterprise customers. A10 Networks continues to innovate and has maintained market leadership to the delight of our customers. However, less Read more

June 3, 2019

The Bumpy Road to 5G – A Secure Gi-LAN can Help

5G promises higher speeds, lower latency, a multitude of new IoT applications and, for the mobile network operator – massive disruption in existing network technologies and business models. At stake – $1.3T in new 5G-enabled revenue, with 10X the growth rates of historic mobile network revenues. Battling declining revenue growth with lower profitability, mobile network operators are pursuing this new opportunity, and most are planning on initial roll-outs within the next 18 months. The 5G non-standalone (NSA) models defined by 3GPP combined with multi-access edge compute provides a path for mobile network operators to upgrade existing RANs to 5G while Read more

May 31, 2019

How to Simplify Advanced Load Balancing in a Complex Multi-Cloud Environment

With the average enterprise are leveraging almost five clouds on average*, load balancing isn’t getting any simpler. In infrastructures of that size with applications deployed across multiple private and public clouds, leveraging load-balancing services from IaaS providers (such as AWS’ ELB) just aren’t going to cut it. How can organizations ensure effective, efficient load balancing in such a complex state of applications and clouds? In our ebook, “Advanced Load Balancing in the Cloud—5 Ways to Simplify the Chaos,” we revealed the answer: Prioritize performance and reliability. Secure your apps at scale. Embrace automation and integration. Implement centralized management. Simplify and Read more


May 30, 2019

5G: The Slope of Enlightenment

Upon completing my first quarter with A10 Networks, I looked back to assess the last three months and all of the meetings, conversations and collaborations I have had the pleasure to have with our customers, partners and sales teams. And I am more excited than ever that the company is on a strong trajectory to help our customers on their journey to 5G. One would ask why so allow me to explain. While we have industry-leading products in various segments, it is important to hit a technology adoption cycle at the right time. 5G happens to be one of those Read more

May 30, 2019

Why DDoS Attackers Love Companies with Multiple Data Centers

In the eyes of DDoS attackers, the more data centers a company has, the more of a gold mine it is: In the 2018 IDG DDoS Report, we found that companies with multiple data centers experience larger and more frequent attacks than those with fewer data centers. But why are data centers such optimal targets for DDoS attacks, and what types of attacks are they most susceptible to? Read on to find out. Companies With >5 Data Centers Are Prime Targets As mentioned above, companies with several data centers experience more DDoS attacks than other companies, and the attacks against Read more

May 28, 2019

A10 Networks Demonstrates AI-driven Network & Application Security at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019

This year’s Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit is themed “Making Security and Risk Matter to the Organization.” A10 Networks will be on hand to demonstrate everything that really matters when it comes to keeping your organization always protected against the latest threats. Find best-in-class security solutions and see how we can help you: Automate your DDoS defenses Scale up for high-performance, automated 5G security Stop malware from leveraging encryption to steal data Secure multi-cloud environments with analytics and Intelligent Automation Automatically handle the scaling of app services On the Expo Floor: Demos & Can’t-Miss Highlights @ Booth 939 Get Read more

May 23, 2019

Why Half of Companies Are Raising Their DDoS Defense Budgets

DDoS attacks are only becoming more destructive, and companies know it: That’s why one-half (49 percent) of the 200+ respondents in the 2018 IDG DDoS Report anticipate their organizations’ DDoS defense budgets to increase. But why are so many companies willing to invest precious resources on DDoS defense? Let me explain. Just How Much Are Companies Spending on DDoS Defense? As mentioned above, 49 percent of companies are planning to increase their DDoS defense spending. That doesn’t mean, however, that the rest are all planning to decrease their budget. On the contrary, 41 percent say their DDoS defense budget will Read more


May 8, 2019

See A10 Networks’ AI-Driven Network & Application Security Solutions

Find everything you need for best-in-class security solutions at Infosecurity Europe. Visit A10 Networks to learn how you can keep your organization always protected against the latest threats. See how we can help you: Automate your DDoS defenses Scale up for high-performance, automated 5G security Stop malware from leveraging encryption to steal data Secure multi-cloud environments with analytics and Intelligent Automation Automatically handle the scaling of app services On the Expo Floor: Demos & Can’t-Miss Highlights @ Stand F285 Get updates on A10 Networks’ latest DDoS Weapons report and threat map, see the latest products, and more: Demos — Stop Read more