Secure Application Delivery for Financial Services

Modernize your application delivery infrastructure to minimize operational risks

How important is your brand reputation?

Financial services must be available 24/7. Organizations need to protect their customers’ PII from hackers and safeguard against threats while reducing financial liability, thus preserving brand reputation. Organizations can benefit from lower latency and higher performance solutions to sustain transactions and increase revenue.

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Improve service availability while minimizing risk

Ensure Secure, Efficient and Reliable Application Delivery
Across Multiple Data Centers and Clouds

“We use Thunder ADC to support application availability and global server load balancing across our hybrid environment.”

– Global Investment Management and Research Company

True cost of legacy application delivery infrastructure


Downtime per hour

The cost of downtime for the top U.S. sites


Expensive data breaches

Average cost of a data breach in the U.S.


Failure to meet compliance

Organizations that have no initiatives around Zero Trust

Modernize for Trust, Compliance and Speed

To meet changing customer needs and preferences and to compete with a new generation of competitors, you need to undergo rapid digital transformation. You need a secure hybrid cloud environment that allows for greater speed, flexibility and visibility over application delivery while reducing costs.

Ensure Secure, Efficient, and Reliable Application Delivery

  • Ensure efficient and reliable application delivery across multiple data centers and clouds with global traffic management to support application resilience and continuity
  • Increase application security with advanced TLS/SSL offload, single sign-on (SSO), and DDoS protection
  • Protect web applications from advanced threats with Thunder ADC and integrated A10 Next-Gen WAF

Centralized Service Analytics and Management Across Clouds

  • Centralized management for A10 Networks’ Thunder portfolio. Simplify management tasks, while delivering comprehensive controls across private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Improve agility and efficiency with automation. Reduce the need for IT administrators to set up and configure per-application infrastructure
  • Gain visibility and actionable insights into application traffic to simplify troubleshooting. Get quick detection of anomalous trends and alerts based on various metrics

A Comprehensive TLS/SSL Decryption Solution

  • Eliminate blind spot introduced by TLS/SSL encryption by offloading CPU-intensive decryption and encryption functions from third-party security devices
  • Selective decryption allows organizations to keep up with industry, government and other compliance and privacy standards
  • Enable third-party security devices to analyze all enterprise traffic without compromising performance

Ensuring Superior Low Latency for Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Trading

  • Higher revenue due to lower latency leading to more successful trades
  • Reduce cost and latency by consolidating several network services into a single A10 solution
  • Deliver substantially lower latency <2μs to sustain high frequency trading (HFT) transactions

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Digital Resiliency and Hybrid Cloud Drive Need for Modern Application Delivery

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Secure Your Always-on Financial Services Applications

Financial services organizations require a comprehensive solution that ensures efficient and reliable application delivery across multiple data centers and clouds while minimizing network latency, downtime and enhancing user experience. You need a solution that provides complete application visibility and security across your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Secure and Available Solutions for Financial Services

Thunder® Application Delivery Controller (ADC)
A10 Harmony® Controller
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    Centralized application management
  • blue checkmark
    Actionable insights into application traffic
  • blue checkmark
    Multi-tenancy and self-service
  • blue checkmark
    Centralized device lifecycle management
  • blue checkmark
    Flexible adoption model including SaaS and cloud
A10 Next-Gen Web Application Firewall
  • blue checkmark
    Integrated Next-Gen WAF with Thunder ADC
  • blue checkmark
    Comprehensive protection with near-zero false positives
  • blue checkmark
    Advanced rate limiting
  • blue checkmark
    Account Takeover (ATO) protection
  • blue checkmark
    Network Learning Exchange (NLX)
Thunder® SSL Insight (SSLi®)
  • blue checkmark
    Full network traffic visibility and traffic steering
  • blue checkmark
    Integrations with existing security solutions
  • blue checkmark
    Full-proxy control
  • blue checkmark
    Compliance and security
  • blue checkmark
    Analytics and management

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