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Hybrid Cloud Drive Need for Modern Application Delivery | A10 Networks

IDC Technology Spotlight

Digital Resiliency and
Hybrid Cloud Drive Need for
Modern Application Delivery

As organizations pursue a hybrid cloud strategy to bolster digital resiliency, they are finding that foundational infrastructure can make or break the realization of their plans.

This new IDC Technology Spotlight explores the application delivery infrastructure, which must be reassessed and modernized to support effective multi-cloud migrations and hybrid cloud initiatives.

  • 32% of organizations cited integrated network and security management as a permanent NetOps change made during the pandemic.
  • Modernized application delivery infrastructure is essential for hybrid cloud success.
  • Organizations need to ensure that their application delivery infrastructure can support multi-cloud requirements.
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Brad Casemore - IDC Analyst
IDC Analyst
Brad Casemore
Research Vice President Datacenter and Multi-cloud Networking