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Scaling 5G Security

We help mobile operators future-proof their networks with agile and consolidated solutions, which result in improved security, hyperscale delivery, higher reliability, and lower TCO.


5G requires high-performance, software-based security

Mobile operators are virtualizing their networks and deploying security solutions that leverage NFV and cloud-native technology. 5G security is critical for new use cases such as connected cars or tele-mentored surgery, which will drive stringent new security and latency requirements, as disruptions could be catastrophic.

Legacy Security is Inadequate

Networks will need to replace legacy security systems with those capable of automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and threat intelligence as network demand exponentially increases and the threat surface expands.

5G & IoT Demand Higher Performance

5G and IoT traffic is inherently different than 4G/LTE and so requires greater throughput, packets and concurrent sessions from security infrastructure.

Lack of Agility & Visibility

Static, monolithic systems with fixed licensing models cannot meet the needs for an agile SDN/NFV infrastructure that can adapt and rapidly scale on demand to changing business needs.
Solution Guide

5G Security Solution Guide

Security is a top concern for operators as they approach 5G roll-outs. The A10 Networks Orion 5G Security Suite provides highly cost-efficient security solutions with the flexibility, scalability and protection mobile operators need as they evolve their networks to 5G and integrate cloud and edge capabilities.

This guide provides a blueprint of five of the key solutions offered by A10 Networks for successful migration to 5G.

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5G Security Solution Guide
Case Study

SK Telecom

SK Telecom (SKT), the largest mobile operator in South Korea, launched the world's first commercial 5G service and needed to scale and secure its next-generation 5G ready network. SKT deployed Thunder CFW with Harmony Controller.

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