Application Analytics Solution

Our centralized management solution provides unified real-time visibility, application security, and simplified operations across multiple data centers and multi-cloud environments.

Operational Inefficiencies Impact Customers and Services

Deploying and managing advanced load balancing solutions across multiple data centers and multi-cloud environments can be challenging. Lack of centralized management and unified policy control can stretch IT teams to the limit with an overwhelming amount of manual tasks, limited visibility and security challenges.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Lack of Visibility

Visibility is more crucial now than ever before with application deployment across multiple environments. Enterprise applications require constant monitoring and deep visibility to provide faster troubleshooting. Monitoring application performance, security and user experience is impossible without complete insight into your application.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Management Complexity

Applications are no longer bound to a single data center and may have conflicting policies across different locations. Without a singular view, it is impossible to streamline management tasks and manage complex, consistent security policies across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Manual Operations

Manual systems require your teams to spend extraordinary effort on maintenance rather than applying resources to strategic programs. With applications located across multiple environments, an enormous amount of manual tasks are required to manage and provision services to consolidate core business capabilities


Application Delivery Just Got More Efficient

Embracing a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy for your application delivery can result in losing insight into your application performance.

This on-demand webinar will show you how to:

  • Simplify and increase agility of your IT operations
  • Ensure application availability
  • Easily drilldown to contextual data and quickly pin-point problem areas
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How We Can Help

The A10 Networks Harmony Controller delivers centralized control and analytics with simplified management to help organizations automate and consolidate secure application delivery across on-premises, public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Unified Control

Unified Control

  • Provide powerful, unified and granular policy controls from a single console
  • Reduce administrative workload and improve application security posture
  • Deliver operational efficiency with centralized management across traditional data centers and hybrid-cloud environments
Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics

  • Provide real-time application and network awareness
  • Deliver per-application analytics for deep visibility and faster troubleshooting
  • Quickly collect, consolidate and correlate detailed reports on performance, end-user experience, per-app behavior and attack patterns to protect your application
Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

  • Easily leverage full RESTful API coverage for agility, automation and efficiency
  • Centralize visibility into automation policies implemented across different locations and environments
  • Integrate third-party management, DevOps and SecOps tools
Delta Dental

Delta Dental Optimizes Applications and Simplifies Operations


Lacked single pane-of-glass management to assure application availability, performance and integrated security for dental practice software and e-commerce websites.


Delta Dental chose Thunder ADC with Harmony Controller. This allowed it to work smarter, helping dentists to process claims and verify eligibility quickly, simplify IT operations and increase agility of DevOps team with centralized software-defined functions.

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