Thunder® SSL Insight

TLS/SSL Decryption for Real-time Visibility into Encrypted Traffic

Key Benefits of Thunder SSLi

A comprehensive TLS decryption solution enabling security devices to analyze encrypted enterprise traffic and augment Zero Trust strategies

Eliminate the Blind Spot
  • Enable your security devices to detect and stop hidden threats
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your existing security solution irrespective of deployment type by offloading decryption/encryption duties
  • Gain full control over cipher selection to ensure continued security
Ensure Compliance and Privacy
  • Ensure compliance with security and privacy standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS and GDPR
  • Maintain granular, policy-based control over your network traffic
  • Ensure user privacy with traffic categorization
Increase ROI
  • Secure your investments by eliminating the blind spot that affects your existing security strategy
  • Boost your security infrastructure’s performance by off-loading decryption
  • Avoid unnecessary upgrades and refreshes of your existing devices

Key Features

Full Network Traffic Visibility

Decrypt and encrypt regular HTTPS traffic on any TCP port using dynamic port inspection. Decryption for additional protocols like STARTTLS, XMPP, SMTP, POP3, as well as SSH are supported.

Full-proxy Control

Control TLS ciphers used between the client and SSLi solution, and between the SSLi solution and server. Renegotiate to ciphers of similar strength for modern ciphers or TLS versions. Support modern ciphers including ECC/PFS and TLS version 1.2/1.3.

Context-aware Traffic Management

Block user access to suspicious/unwanted sites with URL filtering and selectively bypass decryption using URL classification. Enable granular control on the application protocol level with application recognition engine.

Flexible Deployment

Can be deployed in virtual-wire, L2 or L3 mode, and as inline transparent proxy or explicit proxy. Support inline L2/L3 third-party security devices and built-in ICAP for direct connection to DLP systems.

Enforce Privacy Policies

Ensure privacy and compliance standards by selectively decrypting traffic for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, etc., using geolocation and a list of over 1 billion domains, and stopping SSL encrypted data exfiltration.

Intelligent Service Chaining

Selectively steer traffic based on application type, service ports and/or user ID with fine-grained polices to different service and security chains.

Real-time Actionable Insights

Gain real-time, actionable insights into TLS traffic characteristics, encrypted versus unencrypted traffic levels, application types and URL categories, suspicious activities, along with extensive transaction logs and more.

Centralized Management

Manage multi-site deployments from a central location with the A10 Harmony Controller and simplify configuration with guided deployment wizard.

Security Solution Integration Examples

Built to seamlessly integrate with any solution in your existing Zero Trust infrastructure

Next-generation Firewalls

Cisco FirePOWER, Palo Alto Networks NGFW, Check Point NGFW, SonicWALL NGFW

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Trellix IPS, Secureworks iSensor

Advanced Threat Protection

Trellix Network Security, OPSWAT MetaDefender, Fidelis Network

Other Integrations

Digital Guardian DLP, Symantec Edge SWG, Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System, IBM Security QRadar, RSA NetWitness, Trend Micro Deep Security, Vectra NDR, Garland Technology NPB, Niagara Networks Bypass Switch

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thunder SSLi
We needed a scalable solution that could expand horizontally with our traffic. With A10’s layer 3 Thunder SSLi decryption solution, we have managed to overcome more than 100% expansion of traffic throughout our data centers. The only thing that we needed to do was purchase the same device and add an additional 20 GB traffic capacity cluster.
Mesut Bayrak, Network Administrator, MIKRONET BILGISAYAR LTD. STI
Source: TechValidate
Thunder SSLi
A10 Networks Thunder ADC is less expensive than F5’s application delivery product. It, and Thunder SSLi, improved our network’s security posture, application experience, and it offers tremendous scalability.

Over time, Tencent QQ of China estimates an actual dollar savings of over $5,000,000+ since deploying A10 Networks Thunder ADC and SSLi solutions.

Mingwei Li, IT Professional, Tencent QQ
Source: TechValidate

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