Thunder® Application
Delivery Controller (ADC)

Application Delivery and Load Balancing

Benefits of Thunder ADC

High-performance advanced load balancing solution that enables your applications to be highly available, accelerated, and secure

Enhanced Application Availability

Ensure efficient and reliable application delivery across multiple datacenters and cloud. Minimize network latency and downtime, and enhance end-user experience

Comprehensive Application Security

Increase application security with advanced SSL/TLS offload, single sign-on (SSO), DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities

Complete Application Visibility

Integrate with the Harmony™ Controller to gain deep per-application visibility and comprehensive controls for secure application delivery across on-premises datacenters, public, private and hybrid clouds

Key Features

Advanced Server Load Balancing

Ensure application availability with  full-proxy L4-7 load balancing leveraging  agile traffic control, customizable service health checks and aFleX® scripting

Multi-Tenant Software

Support strongly isolated or highest-density, multi-tenant solutions with RBAC for customizable policies and appliance consolidation

Any Cloud Deployment

Deploy in hardware, virtual, cloud, bare metal and container form factors with license portability across multi-cloud deployments using FlexPool

Application Performance Acceleration

Improve user experiences with caching,  and TCP optimization to expedite content transfer and TLS/SSL offloading for modern ECC ciphers

Web and DNS Protection

Secure services and meet compliance targets better with the integrated security like single sign-on, CAPTCHA, web and DNS firewalls, and DDoS protection

Per-Application Analytics

Integrate with the A10 Harmony™ Controller for visibility into user experiences, traffic profiles and health checks to proactively monitor the performance

aXAPI® Rest-Based Programmability

Enable easy and native integration into many DevOps, automation management tools with 100% API coverage

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Extend load balancing on a global basis to enable multi-cloud worldwide business continuity with faster, localized server responses

DevOps Integration & Automation

Automated network deployment for speed, agility and consistency

DevOps Tools

Integration into CI/CD pipelines using automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible

Automated Service Discovery

Automated service discovery in Kubernetes environments using Thunder Kubernetes Connector (TKC) or 3rd party tools such as HashiCorp NIA with Consul

Analytics & Event Monitoring

Centralized network visibility, event monitoring and alerting using Prometheus/Grafana with built-in Prometheus exporter

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thunder ADC
With A10, the increase in performance compared to our previous F5 deployment is amazing.
Chief Technology Officer at a Professional Services Company
Source: TechValidate
Thunder ADC
A10 has a much more familiar command-line interface than F5, a clearer syntax, and a better config hierarchy. Being familiar with Cisco-like commands and structure makes these easy to deploy rapidly.
Brent Jones, IT Architect, Smarsh, Inc.
Source: TechValidate

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