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What is DSIRT and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Highly specialized and CSX Cybersecurity-certified, DSIRT is available to support your organization in the event of a DDoS attack against your infrastructure.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Immediate response
Protect your business with immediate, 24-7 emergency response to stop DDoS attacks and restore service to applications and your business.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Experts to trust
Your highly specialized, ISACA-certified team is trained to handle a variety of DDoS-based security events, including the latest 1 Tbps attacks.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Shared intelligence
Gain the power of shared, anonymous intelligence collaboration. Knowledge from each event is shared globally among DSIRT to help mitigate new attack types and protect all A10 customers

24-7 Emergency Response to Mitigate DDoS Attacks and Restore Service

Leverage the A10 Networks DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT) to support your organization in the event of a DDoS attack. Receive immediate assistance to help restore your system to fully functional status and ensure business continuity.


The State of DDoS Weapons

In this report, we will share a unique insight into DDoS attacks by providing details into relevant tools and weapons utilized, their global distribution and the vulnerabilities of exploited servers, to help you improve your organization’s security posture. DDoS weapons reports extracted from A10 threat intelligence data.

DDoS weapons reports extracted from A10 threat intelligence data.

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Defend Against DDoS Attacks

Thunder TPS

Thunder TPS provides agile, efficient and network-wide protection against the full spectrum of DDoS attacks. This includes the challenging multi-vector attacks that use a combination of high-rate volumetric or network protocol attacks and more sophisticated application attacks.

Defend Against DDoS Attacks

Threat Intelligence Service

A10 Networks threat intelligence service uses a global knowledge base to deliver real-time protection from known bots, malicious IP addresses and potential intruders. It is continually updated to ensure accuracy and to protect networks and solutions from current and future threats. Thunder TPS customers who purchased DSIRT support or Thunder ADC and CFW customers who purchased threat intelligence can leverage the service.

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DSIRT Response Time

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Critical Priority
  • RESPONSE TIME: Immediate
  • STATUS UPDATE: Every 2 Hours

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

High Priority
  • RESPONSE TIME: 30 Minutes
  • STATUS UPDATE: Every 4 Hours

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Medium Priority
  • RESPONSE TIME: 2 Hours
  • STATUS UPDATE: Every 3 Business Days

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Low Priority
  • RESPONSE TIME: 4 Hours
  • STATUS UPDATE: Every 7 Business Days
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Leaseweb protects customers of its global cloud hosting infrastructure against devastating DDoS attacks and offers multi-tiered, revenue-generating DDoS protection services.

Thunder TPS provides Leaseweb with intelligent automation to defeat the full spectrum of DDoS attacks across its global infrastructure. A fully automated response enables Leaseweb to reduce staffing and speed response time.

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