Web Application Security

Deploy web application firewall (WAF) on ADC for increased availability, augmented defense, and a reduced attack surface

Is your WAF automated and highly accurate?

Do you have a traditional WAF that is only a check box and ineffective? Their low rate of detection accuracy generates too many false positives. This leads to increased operational costs, wasted security team resources, and overall lack of effectiveness, which only further heightens security concerns.

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Use a next-gen WAF to secure tomorrow’s threats today

A combined next-gen WAF and ADC solution must include advanced modern protection against web-based attacks, load balancing, and comprehensive encryption/decryption capabilities. The solution must augment the availability and security of web applications, while streamlining security teams and operations.

Traditional web application firewalls are inadequate


False positive rate of generated alerts

Outdated Regex or rule-based methods of detection result in low detection accuracy rate


customers that deploy their WAF in blocking mode

Traditional WAFs raise OPEX without bringing peace of mind


Low “out-of-box” efficacy rate

Traditional WAFs require heavy involvement and tuning for optimal efficacy. ML and deep learning methods can help

Secure all web applications. Simply.

Accurate context-based intelligent detection coupled with highly automated operations address both the volume and complexity of modern threats. An integrated next-gen WAF and ADC solution streamlines security operations, increases web defense efficacy, maximizes application performance, and aligns to a Zero Trust framework.

Lower OPEX and gain peace of mind

  • Context-based detection can prove to be more accurate
  • Increase detection accuracy to decrease time spent sifting through false positives
  • An ADC can handle the high volume of threats, while a WAF can handle the complexity of threats

Deploy simply and converge for streamlined management

  • Utilizing ADC and WAF together can enhance availability and security
  • Implement a joint solution that can function immediately upon deployment
  • Improve performance and availability with ADC caching, load balancing, and optimization capabilities

Proactively integrate security into software lifecycle

  • Utilize customizable dashboards, tailored to your applications
  • Enable a single pane of glass for a holistic view
  • Leverage performance metrics to enhance productivity and output

Fastly’s WAF technology has consistently been recognized as the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Application and API Protection for five consecutive years, making it the sole vendor to achieve this distinction.

Ensure consistent delivery of content while securing web applications

The A10 Next-Gen WAF, powered by Fastly, enhances web application defense, while reducing false positives automatically, resulting in an always secure and always available security solution for enterprises.

A10 Next-Gen WAF, Powered by Fastly
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    Brings robust web defense to counter the complexity of modern threats, such as the OWASP Top 10, or account take over (ATO)
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    SmartParseTM is a context-based detection method used by the A10 Next-Gen WAF to enable a zero learning period and minimal false positives
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    Customizable single pane of view WAF dashboards, along with a plethora of tools, make it possible to perform forensic, anomaly, and root cause analysis for effective troubleshooting and remediation
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    90% of Fastly customers deploy their WAF in blocking mode
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    Thunder ADC brings load balancing to improve availability, TLS/SSL decryption, DDoS defense, authentication, and IP list capabilities to counter the volume of modern threats
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    Thunder ADC is the first and only application delivery controller that integrates Fastly’s WAF technology
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    Integrated, all in one solution with A10 as the single source of support

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