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Our server load balancing solutions will help you meet availability demands, ensure security, and enhance user experience in today’s application-centric world.

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Service Downtime is Costly

With the rise in user mobility and demand, application service infrastructures no longer reside in data centers alone. Modern apps are increasingly housed in public, private and hybrid clouds, forcing application traffic management to evolve for better user experience.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Slow Apps & Downtime

Today’s application traffic is mostly encrypted with SSL/TLS and growing rapidly. Demand continues to grow and users expect a fast application response at all times. Organizations are required to build reliable and scalable application services to sustain user traffic even during service maintenance. Traffic management is critical in avoiding costly downtime for business applications.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Application Threats

Regardless of location, either on-premises or in the cloud, your applications are at high risk of being compromised. There are numerous types of application fraud, exploits and attacks for many different purposes, and protection strategies can vary. Organizations must have a comprehensive application protection solution to defeat emerging attack types in any environment.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats

Multi-Cloud Complexity

Many businesses are steadily adopting cloud services and architectures, running their applications across multiple public, private and hybrid clouds. The common issues of such operations are not only deployment complexity, due to incompatibility of the underlying infrastructure, but also the lack of a single pane of glass for traffic management and policy control.


Advanced Load Balancing in the Cloud: 5 Ways to Simplify the Chaos

This eBook will take you through five ways to ensure:

  • Performance and reliability
  • Secure applications
  • Flexibility
  • Centralized Management
  • Simplified portability
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How We Can Help

Our load balancing and application delivery solution ensures your business applications are secure, consistent and highly available in any multi-cloud environment. With our high-performance and efficient solution, you can build and operate critical business applications with lower TCO.

High Availability & Performance

High Availability & Performance

  • Advanced layer 4–7 load balancing provides high availability and business continuity for application services
  • Intelligent traffic management enables faster response using servers with optimal traffic distribution, or customized traffic distribution such as blue/green traffic during service maintenance
  • Application acceleration techniques and market-leading SSL/TLS performance further optimize application performance
Comprehensive Application Security

Comprehensive Application Security

  • Enhance application security centrally without requiring any server configuration changes
  • Web application firewall (WAF) and other advanced security features to protect against malware, malicious botnets and DDoS attacks
  • Enable single-sign-on (SSO) by enforcing centralized authentication
Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

  • Cloud native Lightning ADC is available for both public and private cloud, in a container and service mesh environment
  • Thunder ADC is a high-performance solution, available in hardware and multiple software form factors
  • Harmony Controller provides unified management and orchestration to integrate and automate applications across multiple clouds
Automation & Analytics

Automation & Analytics

  • Improve operational efficiency with a centralized management of policies across multiple clouds
  • Real-time, deep per-app visibility and actionable analytics for instant awareness and faster troubleshooting
  • Automation for DevOps and SecOps with 100 percent API operation support
Delta Dental optimise ses applications et simplifie ses opérations avec
Case Study

Delta Dental Optimizes Applications and Simplifies Operations

Lacked single pane-of-glass management to assure application availability, performance and integrated security for dental practice software and e-commerce websites.

Lacked single pane-of-glass management to assure application availability, performance and integrated security for dental practice software and e-commerce websites.

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