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SSL/TLS Inspection

We ensure your network is protected from SSL/TLS encrypted cyber attacks by enabling SSL/TLS decrypted traffic inspection via your enterprise perimeter security infrastructure.

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Without SSL/TLS Decryption, Your Corporate Defenses are Blind

In a multi-vendor enterprise perimeter security stack, decrypting traffic at each hop can prove to be inefficient and costly. However, with over 80 percent of the internet traffic encrypted along with a sharp increase in encrypted malware attacks, you might be forced to do just that. But this leads to severe application performance and network security issues

Ineffective legacy security

  • Modern-day cyber attackers are increasingly using the cover of encryption to avoid being detected
  • A typical enterprise has multiple security solutions, each requiring its own decryption
  • These solutions may experience, on average, over 60 percent performance degradation due to decryption, creating bottlenecks
  • Scaling such solutions without dedicated SSL/TLS decryption can become complicated, increasing the overall costs and severely reducing ROI

Non-compliance is costly

  • In certain verticals, including medical and finance, adherence to privacy standards such as HIPAA, PCI is mandatory
  • Companies not compliant with GDPR, a mandatory set of regulations that enforce strict data protection policies, can face hefty penalties in case of data breaches
  • Decryption and security solutions can also be required to have Hardware Security Modules (HSM) installed, which enable secure and tamper-proof storage of encryption keys.
  • Non-compliance can lead to heavy fines and, in some cases, to lawsuits that damage an organization’s brand

Operational challenges

  • Some SSL/TLS decryption solutions are too complex to use and end up spending their life on a storage shelf
  • On-box management solutions may claim to be “easy,” but are inefficient and require specially-trained operators
  • Disconnected, local management solutions fail to enforce uniform policies across the organization, leading to security and compliance loopholes
  • Without centralized, actionable insights, organization-wide visibility cannot be maintained

5 Steps to Enhance Your Enterprise Security with High Performance SSL/TLS Decryption

Find out how you can improve your enterprise security, help meet regulatory compliance, and maximize your security performance and ROI.

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