Our on-premises and cloud-native security solutions protect your
applications and infrastructure against cyber attacks, including
multi-vector DDoS attacks and malware in encrypted traffic.

Eliminate Modern Cyber Attacks

There is a rapid increase in network traffic encryption, with more than half of the Internet traffic already being encrypted. Due to such unprecedented rates of encryption, organizations are facing new security challenges as many security devices are not designed to decrypt and encrypt network traffic at high speeds

Web Application Security

Leverage the A10 Next-Gen WAF, Powered by Fastly, to efficiently block malicious traffic while reducing false positives. Offload process-intensive tasks to the ADC and rely on it as a first line of defense. Combat sophisticated threats with the Next-Gen WAF’s context-based detection capabilities.

Secure Your Web Apps
TLS/SSL Inspection

Leverage SSL Insight, A10 Networks’ TLS/SSL inspection solution to ensure your network is protected from modern-day stealth attacks by enabling your enterprise perimeter security infrastructure to efficiently inspect all encrypted traffic.

Decrypt TLS/SSL Traffic
DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are the most costly and fastest-growing cybercrime. DDoS attacks cause downtime, lost revenue, and can erode reputation costing businesses billions of dollars each year. Cyber criminals can cheaply and easily rent DDoS-for-hire services to cripple your operations.

Defend Against Attacks
Secure Access

A secure web gateway is a network security solution that blocks malicious web traffic. A cloud access proxy is a cloud-based solution that provides secure access to cloud applications and services. Together, they enable a comprehensive and streamlined solution for both on-premises and cloud-based applications.

Secure Traffic
Optimize & Secure SaaS
Security Research Report

DDoS Attackers Uncovered

This report summarizes data collected by the A10 security research team and provides a snapshot of a constantly changing global weapons landscape with insight into the sources, types and other characteristics of DDoS weapons.

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