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Network Security Solutions

A10 Networks delivers on-premises and cloud-based security solutions for the most challenging network environments. Automatically defend applications and services, in real time, before they are exploited by advanced cyberattacks. Reduce business risk by protecting applications and infrastructure against malicious cyberattacks, including multi-vector DDoS attacks and encrypted assaults.

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Eliminating Modern Cyberattacks

There is a rapid increase in network traffic encryption, with more than half of the Internet traffic already being encrypted. Due to such unprecedented rates of encryption, organizations are facing new security challenges as many security devices are not designed to decrypt and encrypt network traffic at high speeds. In fact, some security products do not have the ability to decrypt traffic at all.


Encrypted traffic provides a blind spot for threat actors to hide malicious content, raising concerns each time encrypted data enters your environment. Therefore, users are presented with a new dilemma: Either decrypt traffic and introduce bottlenecks into your network because of decryption-induced performance degradation, or bypass decryption and expose your network to potential encrypted attacks. Either way, users are exposed to performance issues as well as security risks.


Multi-vector DDoS attacks are also increasing in frequency and volume, severely impacting businesses across the globe. Defending your infrastructure, servers, application and users’ access during DDoS attacks can’t be accomplished by existing firewall, intrusion prevention system, and load balancers. In fact, in many instances, these systems are the target of attacks because they are vulnerable and can be overwhelmed by a flood of unwanted traffic.


Web Security

Detect and stop external threats from infiltrating the corporate network. Overcome many of the challenges introduced by the growth in internet traffic and by the rise of modern, feature-rich cloud applications and workloads. Scale for increased traffic, often with long-lived, persistent connections to cloud applications, while also enhancing the existing security infrastructure.

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SSL Inspection

Leverage SSL Insight, A10 Networks’ SSL inspection solution to ensure your network is protected from modern-day stealth attacks by enabling your enterprise perimeter security infrastructure to efficiently inspect all encrypted traffic.

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DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are the most costly and fastest-growing cybercrime. DDoS attacks cause downtime, lost revenue, and can erode reputation costing businesses billions of dollars each year. Cybercriminals can cheaply and easily rent DDoS-for-hire services to cripple your operations.

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Cloud Access Proxy

Leverage the Cloud Access Proxy solution to ensure optimized and secure access to your SaaS applications, improve your user experience and provide comprehensive visibility into sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS usage.

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DDoS of Things Survival Guide

This DDoS of Things is here. The new tactic leverages open-source malware (e.g., Mirai, Leet) that takes advantage of lax security implementations in connected smart devices to build massive botnets able to deploy DDoS payloads that surpass 1 Tbps throughputs.
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