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Federal Agencies – Driving Modernization Toward Zero Trust Architecture and Ease of Management

How A10 Networks helps government escape the constraints and risks of legacy infrastructure to meet today’s challenges for a Zero Trust architecture.

U.S. federal agencies face unprecedented pressure to protect against the rising tide of cyberthreats against their agencies, while meeting rising expectations and demands from employees, contractors, and constituents for new and better experiences.

While this ebook will explore the unique challenges faced by federal agencies, it also applies to the challenges large enterprises face as they continue to modernize their networking infrastructure.

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legacy infrastructure

Legacy application delivery leaves federal agencies struggling with application downtime, slow performance, poor visibility, reporting challenges, and an inability to effectively leverage analytics.

Provide better experiences for
employees, contractors, and constituents

The need for modernization extends to users as well. The widespread expansion of working from home during the peak of the pandemic, in tandem with shifts of broad areas of consumer activity to online channels, has had a lasting impact on preferences, expectations, and demands for digital experiences.

Do more
without spending more

While requirements for secure application delivery have increased, budget constraints have remained in place. This means having to drive modernization while managing cost and maximizing ROI.