Service Provider Solutions

We scale and protect your networks to deliver highly available infrastructure to effectively manage the rise of subscribers, devices and applications for better business outcomes.

Secure your Mobile, Broadband or Cloud Networks at Hyperscale

A10 Networks simplifies transformation challenges with a wide range of core network solutions. Our technology maintains network availability, improves the subscriber experience, stabilizes OPEX and creates new opportunities for sustainable business growth.

Optimize IP Connectivity Investments

CSPs need to grow the subscriber base, while simultaneously providing a seamless subscriber experience as the network transitions from IPv4 to IPv6. The availability and price of IPv4 address space is highly volatile and can add significant cost to subscriber acquisition.

Scale Your Subscriber Growth​
Extend Rural Broadband

Regional service providers globally are rushing to bridge the digital divide and enable millions of new subscribers to leap forward in digital transformation. Service providers must strengthen core network resiliency and meet rising subscriber expectations with a network that is fully carrier grade end-to-end.

Rural Broadband
Protect Network Availability during DDoS Attacks

Service providers face increasing difficulty maintaining service availability for their subscribers while attempting to defend against malicious DDoS attacks. Year-over-year, these attacks increase in sophistication, size, and duration, often outpacing the operator’s ability to react and maintain network stability.

Defend Against DDoS Attacks
Secure & Scale 5G Networks

Mobile network operators continue to transition their networks to 5G, while supporting surging traffic, new 5G applications and addressing rising cyber threats. Operating costs must be reduced, performance increased, and latency minimized.

Secure and Scale Your Network​
Maintain DNS Resilience

DNS is critical to maintaining the subscriber experience for speed, security, and resilience, but it is highly vulnerable to malicious attacks and traffic overload that disrupt service availability. Service providers and enterprises must protect their brand and reputation with high-performing solutions.

Secure and Scale DNS Infrastructure​

Case Study

Tier-1 Cable Provider Protects Subscriber Privacy with Encrypted DNS at Scale with A10 Networks Thunder CFW

As the use of encrypted DNS grows, this cable operator can assure subscriber privacy and security without sacrificing performance or impacting the user experience. The company deployed encrypted DNS protocol, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) with Thunder CFW.

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