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Thunder CFW

Convergent Firewall

A10 Networks Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW) is the industry's first security solution that incorporates multiple security functions for enterprise and service provider deployments, including highly scalable and high-performance firewall, IPsec VPN, secure web gateway, application device controller (ADC), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), Carrier-Grade NAT with integrated DDoS protection traffic steering, and other functions in a single, standalone product.

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Key benefits of Thunder CFW

5G Ready

  • The ultra-high performance and scale of Thunder CFW enables mobile operators to get ready for the emerging hyperscale demands of 5G and IoT
  • The consolidation of multiple security features ensures protection against 4G/LTE threats as well as emerging 5G threats
  • The consolidation of functions helps achieve lower latency as compared to individual point products

Consolidates Services

  • Consolidates data center firewall, IPsec VPN, load balancer and secure web gateway solutions for enterprise deployments
  • Consolidates Gi/SGi firewall, GTP firewall, IPsec VPN, intelligent traffic steering and Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) solutions for service providers

Increases ROI

  • Reduces both CAPEX and OPEX by consolidating functions that typically require deployment of multiple, disparate point products
  • Enables service providers to rapidly provision and deliver new revenue-generating services
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Modernize Your 4G/LTE Network Now for 5G Success

Unlike previous generational changes, the 5G rollout will be an evolutionary process - think of it not as a destination but a journey. However, mobile operators should not wait until the marketplace shakes out - that just gives competitors the first-mover advantage. The winning strategy is to act now. By carefully investing in upgrades to support specific 5G use cases, network operators can monetize their existing 4G/LTE infrastructure and modernize in preparation for the eventual migration to a full 5G architecture.

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Centralized Analytics & Actionable Insights

The Harmony™ Controller delivers centralized management and per-app analytics for different applications. The extensible nature of the platform enables on-demand installation of Harmony apps to better focus on the specific use cases of traffic visibility, security analytics and connected Intelligence.

centrally manage your apps

Additional Options

Additional services, products, solutions in which you may be interested.

Harmony Controller

  • Gain comprehensive, real-time and actionable insights with application-level visibility
  • Simplify operations and increase agility
  • Centrally-manage deployment and security policy implementation

Subscriptions for Enterprises

  • Web categorization for:
    - URL filtering
    - Selective bypass
     -Threat investigator
  • Application visibility and control
  • Threat intelligence

Subscriptions for Service Providers

  • Application visibility and control to granularly identify and categorize application traffic
  • Threat intelligence to identify and block malicious IP addresses on the internet