Why Choose A10 Networks

We empower our customers to provide the most secure and available digital experience.


Digital transformation is the key driver of technology today across the globe and across all industry verticals. Long-standing challenges and new trends are helping to shape the path digital transformation takes for enterprises and service providers alike.

The expanding challenges of realigning security and IT operations to encompass a complex multi-cloud world, IoT proliferation, the evolution of networks to cloud-native and preparing for 5G are all impacting the ability and speed at which businesses are transforming.

CIOs, CTOs and CISOs today are concerned about three key themes: how will they help drive growth and revenue; how will they ensure the best customer (and employee) experience and how will they drive further operational efficiencies.

Learn About our Solutions

A10 Networks helps our customers by:​

  • Providing always available application delivery and security – on-premises and in the cloud
  • Supporting seamless migration to the cloud and cloud-native with hybrid solutions
  • Protecting networks from cyber security attacks that threaten network availability
  • Simplifying IT operations with connected intelligence, automation, machine learning and DevOps/SecOps tools
  • Securing multi-generational networks throughout the transition to 5G and cloud-native architectures
  • Investment protection for enterprises and service providers throughout their business transformations

All at hyperscale

Many global Fortune 500 companies rely on A10 Networks to protect their businesses.

  • 7,700+ Customers
  • 300+ Patents
  • Operating in 117 Countries
  • 9 of the Top 10 Telecom Operators
  • 8 of the Top 10 Cloud Providers
  • 21 of the Top 50 Fortune Global 500
  • 5 of the Top 10 Media Companies
  • 15 of the Top 25 Video Gaming Companies
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“Expansion of hybrid IT, multi-cloud, and 5G deployments are creating more complex network environments. As applications become more distributed and dynamic, complexity increases even further. Meanwhile, security is getting no easier, with the persistence of DDoS attacks, hackers-for-hire, and plain human error. Security vendors such as A10 Networks, which focus on automating and simplifying the IT landscape and can do so at scale, will be well positioned to help customers fortify their security postures.”

Craig Matsumoto
Senior Analyst, 451 Research

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Technology Partners

By validating interoperability with our partners’ solutions, our customers can confidently deploy A10 products into their existing network architecture to mitigate data center threats, simplify security operations, and improve visibility.

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