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Why choose A10 Networks

We believe the future of cyber security for 5G and multi-cloud rests on Intelligent Automation coupled with machine learning, ensuring that business-critical applications are protected, reliable, and always available.

We are making your IT teams more nimble, and applications and networks more secure


We deliver the performance, scalability and agility for the largest multi-cloud and 4G/5G networks


Leverage our built-in connected intelligence and analytics for smarter protection throughout your mission critical network

Better cyber defense

Our artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, protect you against threats, today and in the future

Greater efficiencies

With automation and open APIs, seamlessly strengthen your security posture while optimizing IT resources 

We help Service Providers, Cloud Providers, e-Commerce and Enterprises win the cyber war

Ensure Security at Hyperscale

  • We can provide your security at hyperscale. It is no longer just about throughput, but rather about connections per second, massive number of concurrent connections and automatic scaling to protect millions of connected devices in a dynamic and cloud-native environment.
  • Open-API-driven microservices software architecture combined with AI and machine learning will meet your hyperscale requirements for 5G networks and multi-cloud environments.

Automate Cyber Threat Defense

  • Leverage Intelligent Automation for connected, real-time insights to defend against the most massive cyber threats, no matter where they originate.
  • Stop threats in milliseconds to protect applications.
  • Machine learning is always on for continuous improvement. 

Simplify DevOps/SecOps

  • Simplify DevOps/SecOps operations for faster incident response and troubleshooting to concentrate on strategic projects.
  • Automatically and securely deploy microservices applications in a Kubernetes environment for improved agility, scalability and visibility.
  • Flexibly consume and distribute your application delivery and security services with Flexpool in a range of form factors, including Kubernetes containers at hyperscale.

Many global Fortune 500 companies rely on A10 Networks to
protect their businesses.

6,700+ customers


300+ patents


Operating in 118 countries


10 of the top-10 telecom operators


2 of the top-3 Cloud providers


5 of the top-10 media companies


8 of the top-12 gaming companies

A10 Networks has driven continuous innovation, staying one step ahead from day-one

“Expansion of hybrid IT, multi-cloud, and 5G deployments are creating more complex network environments. As applications become more distributed and dynamic, complexity increases even further. Meanwhile, security is getting no easier, with the persistence of DDoS attacks, hackers-for-hire, and plain human error. Security vendors such as A10 Networks, which focus on automating and simplifying the IT landscape and can do so at scale, will be well positioned to help customers fortify their security postures.”

- Craig Matsumoto, Senior Analyst, 451 Research

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Thousands of Enterprises and Service Providers choose A10 Networks