PayNearMe, a financial technology provider chooses A10 Networks

“It came down to a question of what companies were able to deliver the features that we needed, on the timeline that we needed, at the price that we needed. After evaluating the field, we chose A10 as our vendor.”





Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Telecom selected A10 Thunder TPS to mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks across the network, application and resource-layers to improve service availability.


Mercado Libre

Latin America’s largest e-commerce player trusts A10 Thunder ADC to ensure its site is scalable, stable, fast and always available.


Yahoo! Japan

By implementing A10’s next-generation Thunder ADC solution, GYAO! improved its video streaming performance while achieving major savings: 80 percent lower cost per port.


Canal 13

As it transitioned its TV station to a multi-platform station, Canal 13 turned to A10 to deliver automation and 24x7x365 security.


A10 Networks serves nearly 6,000 customers in 80 countries. Organizations of all sizes, including globally distributed enterprises, service providers, cloud and hosting providers, web giants, federal agencies, online gaming providers, financial institutions and education, trust our innovation-driven threat protection and intelligent automation solutions to secure and accelerate their hybrid cloud applications.

Customer Case Studies

Deutsche Telekom
Handle Financial
Leucom (Boll)
Peak Hosting
Spanish Fork Community Network


Build a new, elastically scalable model for Deutsche Telekom’s core central-office data center optimized for performance, low latency, cost and network address translation.

The A10 Solution

Deutsche Telekom partnered with A10 Networks to develop a carrier-grade IPv4-over-IPv6 Softwire solution as a virtualized network function (VNF) to differentiate and scale cloud services. The two companies developed what is widely regarded as one of the most innovative service provider networks today.


Handle Financial was investigating moving production workloads to the cloud to eliminate the management of on-premise hardware. As part of that, the company was also eager to decrease operating expenses and enhance its disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

The A10 Solution

A10 Networks designed and implemented a custom cloud native application delivery controller and load balancer with A10 Lightning ADC. This gave Handle Financial real-time analytics for its cloud environment and helped the company reduce OpEx by one third.


Internet service provider Leucom Group, headquartered in Eastern Switzerland, ran into a problem currently plaguing many ISPs: IPv4 addresses are running out and are no longer being issued. That, coupled with the elaborate and complex conversion to IPv6, presented Leucom with a unique challenge.

The A10 Solution

Leucom set out to find a CGNAT solution to help it overcome these challenges. The ISP selected A10 Thunder CGN, a high-performance IPv4 preservation and IPv6 migration solution. Thunder CGN helped Leucom preserve valuable public IPv4 addresses while offering a flexible IPv6 migration strategy that Leucom can do on its own timetable. It also reduced costs and complexity. Leucom customers also saw benefits, including seamless connection to the internet with IPv4, despite the scarcity of public IPv4 addresses, and better protection against possible hacker attacks from the outside.


Cloud services and managed hosting provider Peak Hosting had maxed out the capacity on its legacy Citrix NetScaler load balancers and was also unable to deliver its customers the self-service flexibility they demanded. This lead to a higher volume of load balancer support tickets and calls and slipping customer satisfaction, along with data center inefficiency.

The A10 Solution

With A10 Thunder ADC, Peak Hosting found solutions that helped it improve customer experience through self-service flexibility, reduce its total cost of ownership and dramatically reduce support ticket volume and decrease support calls by 25 percent. A10 also enabled Peak Hosting to launch unique new offerings which gave the provider an advantage in its increasingly competitive market.


To expand product offerings and begin delivering fiber connectivity to residents. But as the company’s loyal customer base grew, they knew they’d need to soon expand their IPv4 address space. Unfortunately, discarding their legacy investments and upgrading hardware to the IPv6 standard was cost-prohibitive.

The A10 Solution

A10 empowered Spanish Fork to extend the service life of their IPv4 infrastructure, affording them time to plan their IPv6 transition and ultimately reduced cost by avoiding disruptions to business operations.
As a Managed Hosting provider, Peak Hosting must provide multi-tenancy for customers with the ability to manage their load balancing needs directly without sacrificing performance, scalability and availability. After evaluating competing platforms, no solution could match A10 Networks' value, which sets the bar with 128 high performance ADC instances and over four million Layer 4 connections per second per unit. Coupled with the ability to centrally manage and scale a cluster of up to eight units as we need them with a Virtual Chassis (aVCS) configuration, no vendor can match the flexibility, performance, savings and peace of mind that A10 Networks provides.”
We chose A10 Networks for our application delivery needs because its application feature set is of exceptional value. The pricing model of an all-inclusive feature set alleviates management headaches and also provides massive cost savings for required advanced features."
Once a potential buyer test drives one of our vehicles, the rest is easy. I feel the same way about A10's AX Series of appliances - once you try them you'll be sold... While we were originally drawn to the AX's application acceleration features, the recent enhancements to the AX Virtualization Multi-tenancy feature will allow us to consolidate our Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment and our web environment to a single pair of appliances, with high availability. This reduces the amount of Application Delivery Controllers in our network and saves us money in the process."
Small business customer success online is largely influenced by the technology and support employed. Using A10, we are able to provide the same, top-level service our nearly 11 million customers have come to expect while improving reliability and keeping costs down."

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