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Proactive approach with research, leveraging reputation data from over three dozen security intelligence sources to instantly assess and block traffic from millions of known DDoS weapons

What is DDoS Threat Intelligence?

Security researchers accumulate threat intelligence from tens of millions of internet compute hosts that are vulnerable and exploited as DDoS attack weapons. DDoS threat intelligence is the information gleaned from the repeated use of attacking agents combined with the knowledge of vulnerable IP addresses and hosts. This information provides security researchers the ability to proactively improve DDoS defenses.

Key Benefits

Improve Response Times
Respond faster to known DDoS weapons including vulnerable amplification reflectors and internet bots.

Eliminate Downtime
Instantly block attackers with a proactive approach to DDoS defenses that applies current and up-to-date threat intelligence.

Make it Actionable
A10 Defend Mitigator can ingest up to 96M entries to make voluminous real-time weapons intelligence feeds actionable through surgical black and white listing.

How We Can Help

Proactive DDoS Weapon Blocking

Current and Accurate DDoS Weapons Intelligence

A10 Networks and partner security researchers continuously analyze and inventory millions of IP addresses of exploitable hosts weaponized for DDoS attacks. A10 Defend Mitigator (previously Thunder TPS) makes the voluminous data actionable with class-lists that scale up to 96M entries.

Stop Reflected Amplification Attacks

IP Addresses of Weaponized Reflected Amplification Servers

Amplified reflection attacks take the prize when it comes to size. A10’s DDoS weapons intelligence includes IP addresses of millions of exploitable DNS, NTP, SSDP, CLDAP, TFTP, and other internet exposed services exploited by attackers that should be blocked while under DDoS attack.

Stop IoT DDoS Botnets

IP Addresses of IoT DDoS Botnets

The 2016 Mirai botnet DDoS attacks were the wake-up call to DDoS defender on the scope of the IoT threat. A10’s DDoS weapons intelligence includes Mirai derivative IoT DDoS botnet addresses and other host IP address abused as attack agents. These are toxic hosts and should be blocked before they can do damage to your infrastructure

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