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Intelligent & Automated DDoS Protection​

A10 Defend provides a holistic DDoS protection solution that is scalable, economical, precise, and intelligent to help customers ensure optimal user and subscriber experiences.

A10 Defend

Used by the top service providers and online gaming companies, the A10 Defend suite consists of several components. A10 Defend Detector efficiently identifies abnormal traffic, A10 Defend Mitigator (previously Thunder TPS) automatically and intelligently mitigates the identified inbound DDoS attack, A10 Defend Threat Control proactively provides standalone layered defense and actionable insights, and A10 Defend Orchestrator (previously aGalaxy) provides a centralized point of control for seamless DDoS defense execution.​

A10 Defend Detector

High-performance Netflow, sFlow, IPFIX-based DDoS detector to easily manage the scale and heterogenous nature of SP networks, resulting in a unified DDoS protection solution.

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A10 Defend Mitigator

High precision, automated, scalable, and intelligent DDoS mitigation solution is delivered as hardware or virtual appliances ranging from 1Gbps to over 1Tbps.

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A10 Defend Orchestrator

Enables organizations to gain a global view of their environments to rapidly identify and remediate DDoS attacks and ensure that policies are consistently enforced from a central point.​

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A10 Defend Threat Control​

Standalone SaaS plat​form proactively establishes a robust first layer of defense by offering actionable analytics and blocklists.

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Key Benefits of the A10 Defend Suite

Fast and Effective
  • Multi-modal source-based defense pinpoints attackers without damaging users
  • 100 ms mitigation interval
  • 3-second detection response
  • Detection against entire subnets or single IP
  • Proprietary data gathering and validation methodology ensures actionable and accurate DDoS-specific blocklists​
  • Vendor agnostic, in-depth analytics and insights protect against advanced, multi-vector DDoS attacks

Zero-touch Intelligent Automation
  • Adaptive real-time learning and service discovery
  • Autonomous traffic steering with integrated BGP, IS-IS, OSPF routing protocols
  • Zero-day Attack Pattern Recognition (ZAPR) engine
  • Interworking distributed intelligence with Thunder ADCThunder CGNThunder CFW
  • Eliminates manual interventions, speed response
  • Automated end-to-end DDoS attack incident handling​
  • Deploy automated and customized blocklists for proactive and layered DDoS defense

Maximize ROI with DDoS Scrubbing Services
  • 256K individual detection policies per appliance scales to thousands of paying tenants
  • 3,000 simultaneous mitigation zones per appliance for differentiated services that match the tenant’s risk profile and budget
  • Zero-touch Intelligent Automation maximizes effectiveness of limited staff and reduces OPEX
  • 30 times more revenue over legacy cyber attack defense platforms
  • Single-vendor DDoS solution (consolidated detection + mitigation)
  • Layered DDoS defense cuts costs by managing scrubbing services efficiently
Security Research Report

DDoS Attackers Uncovered

This report summarizes data collected by the A10 security research team and provides a snapshot of a constantly changing global weapons landscape with insight into the sources, types and other characteristics of DDoS weapons.

Key Features

Zero-day Automated Protection

  • Expert system calculates blocking filters in real-time
  • Fast, automated response
  • No pre-configuration or manual intervention
  • Automatic heuristics-based anomalous behavior blocking


  • Industry’s only 5-level adaptive policy escalation that minimizes damage to users
  • Machine learning powered zero-day attack protection
  • Actionable distributed denial-of-service weapons intelligence at Internet scale
  • Fast 100 ms mitigation intervals
  • Deploy accurate, proactive, and automated DDoS-specific blocklists generated by A10 proprietary data gathering and validation method​

Industry-leading Performance

  • Highest performance density per RU – 220 Gbps in a single RU form factor
  • Highest packet processing in a single appliance – 440 Mpps, 300 Gbps
  • 6M fps flow-based detector (22x the competition)
  • 3,000 active Zones for building scalable DDoS scrubbing services
DDoS Detection & Mitigation

Advanced DDoS Detection

  • Fast time-to-detect at scale with minimal manual configuration needed​
  • Intelligent granularity (victim net/IP)​
  • Automatic network slicing and continuous profiling

Management & Analytics

  • Single real-time Dashboard for Defend suite devices
  • Intelligent service discovery with automatic mitigation policy assignment
  • Instantly create and adjust countermeasures
  • Live visualization and geolocation tracking

DDoS-specific Intelligence​

  • Customized blocklists can be automatically downloaded
  • Victim/attacker insights, trends, top attack vectors help inform security teams on how best to secure their organizations
  • Standalone SaaS platform enables first layer of DDoS defense with or without dedicated DDoS equipment at a lower TCO​
  • Proprietary data collection and validation method generates more actionable, proactive, and accurate DDoS-specific intelligence

Threat Intelligence

  • Over three dozen security threat intelligence sources to instantly recognize and block malicious traffic
  • Up to 96M-entry class list for proactive blocking of toxic IP addresses
  • Threat intelligence feed (powered by ThreatSTOP) updates as often as every 15 min.

Network Integrations

Simple, seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure for on-demand reactive, always-on proactive, hybrid DDoS, and distributed detection with One-DDoS Protection deployment options.

Infrastructure Integration

BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, GRE, VXLAN protocols for seamless integration into your environment

SecDevOps Integration

100% REST API coverage of all functionality

High-speed Logging

Flow-based detector and third-party detector integration: Flowmon, Kentik, Flowtraq, Deepfield

Role-based Access

Role-based access and authentication with LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS+

Preview of the Layer 3 customer case study document
Case Study

Layer 3 Creates New Revenue Stream Innovative On-demand DDoS Prevention Service

Layer 3 was seeking a cost-effective way to offer DDoS protection as a service. Layer 3’s clients required on-demand cyber attack prevention they could spin up during crucial timeframes without the restrictions of annual licenses or the burden of continual charges.

Layer 3 chose Thunder TPS 4435 for its cost effectiveness and high performance. Its integration features allowed Layer 3 to build distributed denial-of-service defense on demand. Layer 3 was able to create a competitive new revenue stream and boost client satisfaction.

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