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Survey Report: DDoS Protection Trends among Data Center and Colocation Providers | A10 Networks
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Survey Report

DDoS Protection Trends Among Data Center and Colocation Providers

How Commercial Data Center Operators Are Defending Their Infrastructure and Their Clients

For data center and colocation providers, business is booming but the industry faces challenges as well. From power interruptions to equipment failures, one category of risk keeps data centers and colocation providers up at night more than any other: cyberthreats including DDoS attacks.

DDoS protection is clearly critical for a data center and colocation provider’s own infrastructure as well as for their tenant customers. But this poses a challenge of its own: providers need to be able to stop malicious traffic targeting one of the tenants without disrupting legitimate traffic to others.

To gain insight into DDoS trends in commercial data centers, A10 Networks and Gatepoint Research conducted a survey of senior decision makers at these businesses. Download this report to learn about these executives’ current concerns, plans and priorities, including:

  • What they’re currently seeing in DDoS activity—and what worries them most
  • What measures they’ve taken to mitigate the threat of DDoS
  • What they’re doing to ensure their tenants are protected from DDoS as well
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