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Web Security

Protect users from modern encrypted threats on the internet by leveraging multi-layered security services, leading to stronger enterprise perimeter security and enhanced productivity

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Protection Against Escalating Cyber Threats

Organizations are struggling to overcome many of the challenges introduced by the growth in internet traffic and by the rise of modern, feature-rich cloud applications and workloads, including effectively detecting and stopping external threats from infiltrating their corporate networks.

Solutions that can efficiently scale for increased traffic, often with long-lived, persistent connections to cloud applications, while also enhancing the existing security infrastructure are in high demand.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber attacks

  • Modern day attackers are increasingly using the cover of encryption to deliver their malware, ransomware, spyware and Trojans without being detected
  • Data loss, regardless of whether it is initiated by outside attackers, malicious insiders or legitimate users who have fallen victim of phishing attacks, can cause huge financial losses
  • Granular traffic control via traffic filtering and user-ID-based policies is required to maintain a balance between legitimate web access and security

Unfiltered internet access is risky

  • Organizations are increasingly dependent on the internet these days, but this new digital world can become a catalyst for violence and abuse
  • Traffic visibility and filtering options with granular control are necessary to enforce policies for user- and role-based internet access
  • Educational institutions need to maintain Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance by restricting access to inappropriate and unsafe content on the internet

Non-compliance is costly

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are an integral part of the modern enterprise network
  • Compliance standards like PCI DSS mandate logging specific details about users related to financial transactions
  • Without high-speed, real-time logging of web activity, tracking security events and data breaches for further analysis is impossible

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