Product and Company Certifications

A10 devices are approved for a variety of international and federal certifications, helping you build a safe and compliant network environment. Our achieved/ongoing certifications include Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), Common Criteria and Joint Interoperability Test Products (JITC) Unified Communications Approved Product List (UC APL) and ICSA.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Certifications

ISO 27001:2013 is the internationally recognized standard for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), and provides a framework for managing risks to the security of information the organization holds. A10 Networks has achieved ISO 27001 certification, including the scope of business process of developing, servicing and support of A10’s network and security products.

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Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Certification

Certificate #

FIPS Level


NIST (National
Institute of
Standards and
Technology) Posting

Security Policy

Validation Certificate

In Process140-2 Level 2Hardware*3: Thunder 1030, Thunder 3350S, and Thunder 7655S

Software: 5.2.1-P5

In ProcessIn ProcessIn Process
In Process140-2 Level 2Hardware*2: Thunder 3040S, Thunder 5440S, Thunder 5840S and Thunder 7440S-11

Software: 4.1.4-GR1-P5

In ProcessIn ProcessIn Process
3217140-2 Level 2Hardware*1: Thunder 3030S, Thunder 4440S, Thunder 5840S, Thunder 6630S and Thunder 7440S

Software: ACOS 4.1.1-P3

NIST FIPS 140-2 (Certificate #3217)FIPS 140-2 Security Policy (3217)FIPS Certificate (3217)
1983140-2 Level 2 (Historical)Certified Hardware: AX2500[1,2], AX2600-GCF[1,2], AX3000-11-GCF[1,2], AX5100[1,2], AX5200-11[1,2], AX1030[2], AX3030[2], AX3400[2], AX3200-12[2], AX3530[2], AX5630[2], Thunder1030S[3], Thunder 3030S[3], Thunder 5430S[3], and Thunder 6430S[3]

Validated Software: ACOS 2.6.1-GR1-P7[1], 2.7.0-P2[2], 2.7.1-P2[3]

FIPS140-2 Security Policy (1983)FIPS Certificate (1983)FIPS Certificate (1659)
1659140-2 Level 2 (Historical)Certified Hardware: AX2500, AX2600-GCF, AX3000-GCF, AX5100 and AX5200

Validated Software: ACOS 2.6.1-GR1

NIST FIPS140-2 (Certificate #1659)FIPS140-2 Security Policy (1659)FIPS Certificate (1659)

*1 – With 2nd generation SSL card(s)

*2 – With 3rd generation SSL cards(s)

*3 – With 4th generation SSL cards(s)

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Common Criteria Certification​​

Thunder/AX Model

Software Release

Common Criteria Certification

Common Criteria Security Target

Thunder 3030S TPS3.2.2-P7Thunder 3030S TPS CertificationThunder 3030S TPS Security
Thunder 14045 TPS3.2.2-P5Thunder 14045 TPS CertificationThunder 14045 TPS Security
Thunder 4435S TPS3.2.2-P1Thunder 4435S TPS CertificationThunder 4435S TPS Security
Thunder 5435S TPS3.2.2-P1Thunder 4435S TPS CertificationThunder 4435S TPS Security
Thunder 6435S TPS3.2.2-P1Thunder 4435S TPS CertificationThunder 4435S TPS Security
Thunder 4430S2.7.2-P5Thunder 4430S CertificationThunder 4430S Security
Thunder 5630S2.7.2-P5Thunder 5630S CertificationThunder 5630S Security
Thunder 6630S2.7.2-P5Thunder 6630S CertificationThunder 6630S Security
Thunder 1030S2.7.1-P2Thunder 1030S CertificationThunder 1030S Security
Thunder 3030S2.7.1-P2Thunder 3030S CertificationThunder 3030S Security
Thunder 5430S2.7.1-P2Thunder 5430S CertificationThunder 5430S Security
Thunder 6430S2.7.1-P2Thunder 6430S CertificationThunder 6430S Security
AX 10302.7.0-P1AX 1030 CertificationAX 1030 Security
AX 3200-122.7.0-P1AX 3200-12 CertificationAX 3200-12 Security
AX 35302.7.0-P1AX 3530 CertificationAX 3530 Security
AX 56302.7.0-P1AX 5630 CertificationAX 5630 Security
AX 25002.6.1-GR1AX 2500 CertificationAX 2500 Security
AX 2600-GCF2.6.1-GR1AX 2600-GCF CertificationAX 2600-GCF Security
AX 3000-11-GCF2.6.1-GR1AX 3000-11-GCF CertificationAX 3000-11-GCF Security
AX 30302.6.1-GR1AX 3030 CertificationAX 3030 Security
AX 34002.6.1-GR1AX 3400 CertificationAX 3400 Security
AX 51002.6.1-GR1AX 5100 CertificationAX 5100 Security
AX 5200-112.6.1-GR1AX 5200-11 CertificationAX 5200-11 Security

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Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL)

Thunder/AX Model

Software Release

APL Memo

IO Certification

Thunder 1030S2.7.1Thunder 1030S APL MemoThunder 1030S Certification
Thunder 3030S2.7.1Thunder 3030S APL MemoThunder 3030S Certification
Thunder 5430(S)2.7.1Thunder 5430S APL MemoThunder 5430S Certification
Thunder 6430(S)2.7.1Thunder 6430(S) APL MemoThunder 6430(S) Certification
AX 25002.7.1AX 2500 APL MemoAX 2500 Certification
AX 3000-11-GCF2.7.1AX 3000 APL MemoAX 3000 Certification
AX 30302.7.1AX 3030 APL MemoAX 3030 Certification
AX 3200-122.7.1AX 3200 APL MemoAX 3200 Certification
AX 34002.7.1AX 3400 APL MemoAX 3400 Certification
AX 3530-112.7.1AX 3530 APL MemoAX 3530 Certification
AX 5200-112.7.1AX 5200 APL MemoAX 5200 Certification
AX 56302.7.1AX 5630 APL MemoAX 5630 Certification

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ICSA Certification

Thunder Model

Software Release

ICSA Labs Certification

Thunder CFW Series5.2.1-P3 and subsequent releasesIPSec IKEv2
Thunder CFW Series5.1.0-P5 and subsequent releasesIPSec IKEv2
Thunder CFW Series4.1.1-P6 and subsequent releasesIPSec IKEv2
Thunder CFW Series5.2.1-P3 and subsequent releasesNetwork Firewalls
Thunder CFW Series4.1.1-P10 and subsequent releasesNetwork Firewalls
Thunder CFW Series4.1.1-P1 and subsequent releasesNetwork Firewalls
Thunder ADC/CFW Series5.2.1-P2 and subsequent releasesWeb Application Firewall
Thunder ADC/CFW Series5.0.0-P1 and subsequent releasesWeb Application Firewall
Thunder ADC/CFW Series4.0.3-P1 and subsequent releasesWeb Application Firewall

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