Secure Networking for Higher Education

Extend university life from the physical campus to the virtual world

Can your university meet the needs of today’s anywhere, anytime students?

Higher education has gone digital. Students now expect access to lectures, labs, services, and other resources 24×7, across campus and around the world. To position your institution as a digital leader, you’ve got to deliver secure networking and high-quality experiences at scale—or risk being seen as old-school.

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Staying Relevant to Modern Higher Education

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive disruption to educational systems globally and was a wakeup call to modernize how students learn and access resources. For university IT, this meant making a fundamental shift from on-campus networking to supporting a distributed network across the globe.

Legacy school infrastructure is failing to make the grade

IP Connectivity

As more devices flood the campus, from students and faculty to visiting college sports fans, IPv4 exhaustion has become an urgent crisis

Application Availability

From remote learning to digital life, students demand better connected experiences

Surging Cyber Threats

As DDoS attacks and ransomware proliferate, universities are typically poorly defended—and frequently targeted

Extend University Expertise

The digital transformation of higher education is expanding opportunities for students on campus and around the world. By upgrading networks to support more connections and traffic, providing secure networking and compliance, and maintaining availability wherever and however students connect, universities can help build a foundation for success for their institution and students alike.

Ensuring Capacity
at Scale

  • Large-scale remote access has redefined the requirements for university networking
  • IP address pools must be augmented as connections and traffic increase
  • Cost-effective IPv6 migration will be essential to ensure business continuity and support growth

Protecting Data, Applications, and Students

  • Security investments must take higher priority as DDoS attacks and ransomware rise
  • TLS/SSL encryption and TLS/SSL inspection are needed to ensure student privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and threat intelligence will help universities protect their expanding attack surface

Delivering More While Spending Less

  • As technology costs rise, universities must optimize spending to keep tuition affordable
  • Procurement is only the beginning—to control operating costs, IT should prioritize simplicity, integration, and manageability
  • A well-managed technology roadmap will help universities meet their requirements within their budget over time

Enabling a Modern Digital Institution

  • Today’s students demand broader, more flexible opportunities for on-campus, on-demand, and remote learning
  • As on-campus enrollment declines, remote and overseas learning programs open new revenue opportunities for universities
  • By offering a full range of online services, from medical facilities to research to entertainment, banking, and retail, universities can compete more effectively

“A10 went above and beyond to provide York University with scalable network infrastructure that not only handles the dramatic increase in demand, but also met our budget requirements. All-inclusive licensing and quick implementation made A10’s solution the optimal choice for us.”

Eriks Rugelis
Manager, UIT Network Development, York University

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Meeting the needs of students, faculty, and staff—on-campus and on-demand

More than just a convenience, connectivity has become a mainstay of daily life for students and a baseline competitive requirement for universities. For university information technology teams, this means making a fundamental shift from on-campus networking to supporting a distributed network across the globe.

Critical Core Network Solutions for Higher Education:

Thunder Carrier Grade Networking (CGN)
blue checkmark
Carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT)
blue checkmark
IPv4 to IPv6 migration
blue checkmark
Advanced logging features
blue checkmark
Global management and analytics
blue checkmark
Tier 1 market-proven technology
Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC)
blue checkmark
Advanced server load balancing & Global server load balancing
blue checkmark
Multi-tenant software
blue checkmark
Any cloud deployment
blue checkmark
Application performance acceleration
blue checkmark
Web and DNS protection
Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS)
blue checkmark
DDoS attack detection and mitigation
blue checkmark
Zero Day automated protection
blue checkmark
Management and analytics
blue checkmark
DDoS theat intelligence
blue checkmark
Tier 1 market-proven technology
Thunder TLS/SSL inspection (SSLi)
blue checkmark
Full network traffic visibility and traffic steering
blue checkmark
Data loss prevention
blue checkmark
Full-proxy control
blue checkmark
Compliance and security
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Analytics & management
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Critical issues

The rising need for SSL decryption was overloading the security infrastructure, impacting the user experience and increasing the risk of attacks.


  • Protect 53,000 students and 6,500 staff against cyberthreats and maintain federal compliance
  • Decrypt all content for inspection without compromising application performance
  • Proactively adapt controls and policies based on new visibility into anomalies and threats
  • Maximize the investment in the existing security infrastructure

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“With Thunder SSLi we are better protected. We can stop the use of VPNs and proxies and we’re better protected against dirty traffic coming back into our school sites.”

Chris Cummings
Director of IT, Klein Independent School District

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