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Thunder TPS

DDoS Detection & Mitigation

The industry highest-performance automated DDoS protection, A10 Networks’ Thunder® Threat Protection System (TPS) detects attacks across the network and mitigates DDoS attacks at the network edge.  Used by the top global communications service providers, cloud, mobile, and online gaming providers, Thunder TPS provides unrivaled precision, scale, and automation.

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Key Benefits of Thunder TPS

Fast and Effective

  • Multi-modal source-based defense pinpoints attackers without damaging users
    • 5-level adaptive mitigation policy
    • Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP)
    • Actionable DDoS Weapons Intelligence at a scale of 96M-entry black/white lists
  • 100 ms mitigation interval
  • 3-second detection response

Zero-touch Intelligent Automation

  • Adaptive real-time learning and service discovery
  • Autonomous traffic steering with integrated BFP, ISIS, OSFP routing protocols
  • Zero-day Attack Pattern Recognition (ZAPR) engine
  • Interworking distributed intelligence with Thunder ADC, CGN, CFW
  • Eliminates manual interventions, speed response

Maximize ROI with DDoS Scrubbing Services

  • 256K individual detection policies per appliance scales to thousands of paying tenants
  • 3,000 simultaneous mitigation zones per appliance for differentiated services that match the tenant’s risk profile and budget
  • Zero-touch Intelligent Automation maximizes effectiveness of limited staff and reduces Opex
  • 30 times more profitable over legacy DDoS defense platforms
White Paper

Four Pillars for a Modern DDoS Protection Strategy

DDoS attacks threaten the most crucial aspect of running an online business: 24/7 availability. The Internet of Things exacerbates this problem, and companies are spending more than ever to combat these unrelenting threats. But what makes one DDoS solution better than another? Read this white paper to learn the four critical priorities your DDoS solution must address.

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Additional Options

Flexible and robust Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, with a wide range of hardware and software deployment models to meet your exact needs.

Thunder TPS

High precision, automated DDoS mitigation solution is delivered as hardware or virtual appliances ranging from 1 Gbps to 500 Gbps.
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Thunder TPS Detector

High-performance Netflow, Sflow, IPFIX-based DDoS detector for a complete reactive DDoS defense solution. Available as a standalone appliance or integrated with aGalaxy 5000.

aGalaxy TPS

Enables organizations to gain a global view of their environments to rapidly identify and remediate DDoS attacks and ensure that policies are consistently enforced from a central point.

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DDoS Threat Intelligence

Leverages a weaponry inventory based on active intelligence and dynamically applies it to create blacklists with millions of toxic IP addresses.

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One-DDoS Protection

Full-spectrum DDoS protection with distributed detection capabilities integrated across key network elements including A10 Networks Thunder ADC, CGN and CFW. These capabilities provide the context, packet-level granularity and visibility needed to thwart today’s sophisticated targeted attacks.
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DDoS Protection Cloud

Combine globally distributed DDoS cloud scrubbing service with Thunder TPS on-premise for large volumetric, network, application and slow-and-low attacks protection.
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Network Integrations

Simple, seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure for on-demand reactive, always-on proactive, hybrid DDoS, and distributed detection with One-DDoS Protection deployment options.

Infrastructure Integration

BGP, ISIS, OSFP, GRE, VXLAN protocols for seamless integration into your environment

SecDevOps Integration

100% REST API coverage of all functionality

High-speed Logging

Thunder TPS flow-based detector and 3rd party detector integration: Flowmon, Kentik, Flowtraq, Deepfield

Role-based Access

Role-based access and authentication with LDAP, RADIUS and TACACS+
Case Study

Layer 3 Creates innovative On-Demand DDoS Protection Service

Layer 3 was seeking a cost-effective way to offer DDoS protection as a service. Layer 3’s clients required on-demand DDoS prevention they could spin up during crucial timeframes without the restrictions of annual licenses or the burden of continual charges.


Layer 3 chose Thunder TPS 4435 for its cost effectiveness and high performance. Its integration features allowed Layer 3 to build DDoS defense on demand. Layer 3 was able to create a competitive new revenue stream and boost client satisfaction.

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