Mobile Carrier Security

Protect your mobile core and Gi-LAN infrastructure, from attacks coming in from RAN, roaming networks and internet to ensure high network and service availability.

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The Mobile Network is under attack from multiple directions

Mobile carriers are witnessing attacks not only from the internet targeting their Gi-LAN but also from the RAN and the roaming networks targeting the packet core. The mobile carriers have the challenge of defending against these attacks while maintaining an always-on network and the best possible subscriber experience.

Gi-LAN Attacks

With the mobile infrastructure moving to full IP-based technologies it is more vulnerable to attacks and intrusions coming in from the internet. The rapid increase in mobile traffic has compounded this challenge where these attacks have to be defended against in hyperscale in terms of both throughput and concurrent sessions. Additionally, the increasing use of mobile network for mission-critical applications makes it imperative to ensure high availability and high performance.

Mobile Signaling Threats

With growth in roaming traffic as well as increase in number of roaming partners the risk and business impact from mobile signaling attacks is more pronounced than ever before. Moreover, the signaling protocols such as GTP and SCTP are inherently insecure as they were not designed with security in mind.

Targeted Infrastructure Attacks

Multi-vector DDoS attacks against resources, such as NAT IP pools, can negatively impact service availability and customer experience. The massive adoption of IoT device with little to no security makes them vulnerable for use in large-scale botnet attacks.

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Evolution of Security in 5G Networks

As communications service providers (CSPs) upgrade their networks to support 5G and IoT applications, new security considerations will come into play. Beyond just scaling up traditional protection against DDoS and improving SGi/GiLAN firewalls, CSPs need to take a more comprehensive view of mobile security.


This joint analyst webinar between SDxCentral and A10 Networks highlights new security and architectural considerations that CSPs must understand to protect their 5G networks.

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Modernize Your 4G/LTE Network NOW for 5G Success

Modernize Your 4G/LTE Network Now for 5G Success

Unlike previous generational changes, the 5G rollout will be an evolutionary process—think of it not as a destination but a journey. However, mobile operators should not wait until the marketplace shakes out—that just gives competitors the first-mover advantage. The winning strategy is to act NOW. By carefully investing in upgrades to support specific 5G use cases, network operators can monetize their existing 4G/LTE infrastructure and modernize in preparation for the eventual migration to a full 5G architecture.

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