Mobile Carrier Security

We help protect your mobile core and Gi-LAN infrastructure, from attacks coming in from RAN, roaming networks, and internet to ensure high network and service availability.

The Mobile Network is Under Attack From Multiple Directions

Mobile carriers are witnessing attacks not only from the internet targeting their Gi-LAN but also from the RAN and the roaming networks targeting the packet core. The mobile carriers have the challenge of defending against these attacks while maintaining an always-on network and the best possible subscriber experience.

Gi-LAN Attacks

With the mobile infrastructure moving to full IP-based technologies it is more vulnerable to attacks and intrusions coming in from the internet. The rapid increase in mobile traffic has compounded this challenge where these attacks have to be defended against in hyperscale in terms of both throughput and concurrent sessions. Additionally, the increasing use of mobile network for mission-critical applications makes it imperative to ensure high availability and high performance.