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Heavy Reading's 2020 5G Core Security Report | A10 Networks


Mobile Networks are Moving Rapidly to 5G Core.
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Multi-Generational Reality

As mobile operators are working towards simpler operations and lower costs with 5G Core (Standalone) they are continuing to support 2 or more legacy technologies at the same time. This increases operations costs and security risks.

Visual graph depicting Multi-Generational Reality
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Screenshot of the 5G Core Security Survey

The Numbers Speak Volumes

Implementation Rate 5GC (SA) By 2023
Service providers will still require CGNAT
Service providers will support MEC by 2025

DDoS Investment Priorities

Highest Network-Level Threat Investment Priorities
  • Small DDoS attacks on MEC nodes
  • DDoS attacks from IoT devices
  • Volumetric DDoS attacking core
  • DDoS attacks from IoT outside network
Data chart demonstrating DDoS Investment Priorities

Heavy Reading’s 2020
5G Core Security Survey Report

Independent market research and competitive analysis of next-generation business and technology solutions for service providers and vendors.


Jim Hodges
Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

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Screenshot of Heavy Reading’s 2020 5G Core Security Survey Report