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eBook: 3 Key Areas to Consider When Protecting Healthcare Data | A10 Networks


3 Key Areas to Consider for Data Protection in Healthcare

A Zero Trust Approach to Protect Data Privacy

Data protection in healthcare is critical. From the hospitals at the front line, to the insurance providers behind the scenes, all such organizations bear the dual responsibility of protecting themselves, as well as their patients. They must safeguard their data privacy, identity, security, and finances of their patients. They must also protect their own organization from costly breaches, regulatory fines, and damage to their business, reputation, and patient relationships.

With such a wide breadth of threat vectors and data privacy to be protected, it is understandable that organizations are moving toward a Zero Trust approach.

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This eBook will cover three key areas:

The security threats
facing healthcare organizations
The issues with traditional
approaches to encryption and decryption
How a Zero Trust approach protects
data privacy without impairing security