Looking Back at Microsoft Ignite: Managing Multi-cloud Environments

Looking Back at Microsoft Ignite: Managing Multi-cloud Environments

A10 Networks exhibited at Microsoft Ignite the week of November 4 where Microsoft made a series of new announcements. Of significant interest was the announcement for Azure Arc, which will enable multi-cloud solution management. This is consistent with our own strategy for helping our customers manage their multi-cloud environments. We are building solutions that enable application acceleration, consistent application delivery and security, and deep visibility across multi-cloud infrastructures.

At the show, we demonstrated a classic use-case of multi-cloud — cloud-bursting. Customers often use cloud-bursting to elastically scale capacity from an on-premises location to public cloud. The surge in traffic for these applications can be intelligently routed to a public cloud.

This provides three key business benefits:

In the video below, we demonstrate a scenario where a website experiences a surge in traffic. In response, new connections are sent to Microsoft Azure. The solution not only provides consistent application delivery policies, multiple layers of application security but also fine granularity for intelligent traffic steering. The policy or scenario that determines cloud-bursting is highly configurable, and a few example applications are for user geo-location, disaster recovery, application performance or underlying infrastructure performance.

Network- and application-level visibility in a distributed environment is a major challenge. The A10 Harmony Controller®, our multitenant, multi-cloud controller, enables a per-app, per-flow visibility regardless of where the application is hosted. In the video, after traffic has begun, we can look at the traffic flow in real-time. This enables predictive analytics and faster troubleshooting in the distributed environment.

Along with the A10 Thunder® ADC, we also showcased Cloud Access Proxy, which provides secure access to software as a service (SaaS) applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and A10 Thunder TPS for DDoS mitigation and detection.

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Saurabh Sureka
November 14, 2019

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Saurabh Sureka is director of product management at A10 Networks, where he leads the team developing the scope of the company’s multi-cloud product roadmap and solutions. He works closely with customers and partners to enable and expand the company’s product portfolio. READ MORE