SSL Decryption by the Numbers [Infographics by Industry]

Andrew Hickey
September 7, 2016

Cyber Security

No industry is immune to the threats hidden in SSL encrypted traffic.

Based on data collected in a Ponemon Institute study commissioned by A10 Networks, we’ve examined the potential for threat exposure, the use of SSL encryption and SSL decryption, and the level of preparedness against encrypted threats and attacks across federal, finance, healthcare and retail.

The findings highlight the dangers lurking in encrypted traffic, and the need for SSL traffic decryption and inspection across industries.

To illustrate the findings, we’ve created four unique infographics — one for each industry — that showcase how encrypted threats affect them today, and their plans for the future:

The report, “Hidden Threats in Encrypted Traffic: A Study of North America and EMEA,” surveyed 1,023 IT and IT security practitioners and found that of the 81 percent of respondents who were victims of a cyberattack or malicious insider activity over the last 12 months, 41 percent suffered an attack where actors evaded detection by obfuscating their activities and/or payload within SSL encryption. However, nearly two-thirds of respondents said their organizations cannot detect malicious SSL traffic.

These infographics show that all industries need to eliminate blind spots in their defenses by decrypting and inspecting SSL to prevent data breaches and loss of intellectual property.

With A10’s SSL Insight decryption technology, available in the A10 Thunder Convergent Firewall and Thunder SSLi platforms, organizations can better defend against malicious encrypted traffic.

For more information on the Ponemon survey, please download our complimentary ebook; and for additional details about A10’s SSLi offerings, check out the A10 Thunder SSLi solution brochure.


Andrew Hickey
September 7, 2016

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