Things That Go Bump in the Night (or in Encrypted Traffic)

Things That Go Bump in the Night (or in Encrypted Traffic)

Halloween is upon us. It’s the perfect time to grab your metaphorical flashlight and hunt down the ghosts and goblins (a.k.a. malware and threats) lurking in your network hidden by the shadows of encrypted traffic.

According to industry experts, roughly 70 percent of internet traffic is encrypted. On the surface, that may not sound too startling, but what’s chilling about this stat is that most security devices can’t inspect SSL encrypted traffic. Are you scared yet?

When hackers breach cybersecurity defenses, the risks to enterprises are spine-tingling. Once a company is compromised, it suffers a web of potential problems, such as financial loss, reputation damage and exposure of intellectual property and sensitive customer data.

A recent A10-led survey found that seven out of 10 IT professionals state their company has had at least one data breach. And according to a recent Ponemon survey, more than 40 percent of all cyberattacks evade security by hiding in encrypted traffic.

This has all the makings of a Hollywood horror flick. And it has prompted many companies to invest in point cybersecurity solutions thinking that will keep the slashers at bay. But most of these solutions simply can’t inspect encrypted traffic. You know what they say about vampires? They can’t come into your house unless you invite them. Consider lack of inspection an open invitation to encryption-shielded blood suckers.

To avoid becoming prey for these malicious vampires, companies often rely on traditional endpoint security solutions. However, these were not built for SSL decryption and inspection and can only decrypt for themselves, resulting in performance degradation and reduced scalability.

A10 Thunder SSLi is a stake in the heart to these villainous fiends. Thunder SSLi helps enterprises gain full visibility into the encrypted traffic entering and leaving your network. SSLi is a dedicated, high-performance decryption solution that shines a light on these ghosts, goblins and vampires while preserving performance and eliminating the frightening costs often associated with decryption.

Cast the ghosts out of your network with Thunder SSLi and avoid a costly and damaging scare. To learn more, download our A10 Thunder SSLi data sheet.

And be sure to tune in to our webinar rebroadcast to learn how you can uncover threats hidden in encrypted traffic.


October 30, 2017

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