A10 FlexPool Enables License Portability Across Apps, Environments

Leah McLean
November 7, 2017

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Software licensing models can be complex and cumbersome. Add to the mix the delicate balancing act of spreading workloads across applications, multiple clouds and on-premise data centers and things get even more complicated.

Traditionally, the answer to capacity planning challenges was to overprovision, but that results in overspending and an inefficient use of resources. It’s simply not cost-effective.

Enterprises and service providers need flexible software subscription models to accommodate new consumption patterns and distribution of capacity across environments, and that ensure services and applications are consistently available.

Introducing A10 FlexPool

That’s where A10 FlexPool comes in. FlexPool is a new software subscription and capacity pooling model that eliminates the traditional challenges of resource planning and portability across on-premise and cloud environments.

Perfect for hybrid cloud environments, FlexPool allows you to purchase license capacity then allocate and redistribute that capacity across applications and infrastructures as desired and as business and app needs change. FlexPool puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you greater control, flexibility, dynamic scalability and cost-efficiency, while eliminating the need to waste money overprovisioning.

FlexPool is a modern and customer-centric approach that challenges the outdated perpetual, instance-based licensing arrangements that force customers into numerous fixed capacity licenses that often outlive their practical lifecycles.

The FlexPool Difference

FlexPool aligns consumption with business needs, and offers numerous benefits when compared to traditional software licensing models, including:

  • FlexPool delivers flexible allocation through a shared capacity pool, dynamic scaling of capacity and user-defined instance sizes.
  • FlexPool protects your investment with license portability, the elimination of overprovisioning and the inclusion of software upgrades and Gold support.
  • FlexPool offers operational simplicity through centralized license management, visibility and usage monitoring. FlexPool licenses are all inclusive and can be distributed across multiple services and environments.

Looking to the Future

FlexPool supports A10’s software-based Thunder appliances, both virtualized and Bare Metal, for Thunder ADC, Thunder CGN, and Thunder CFW. If your organization is still considering when to move to the cloud, but plans to make changes now to your network, flexibility and agility will be important, irrespective of the form factor. With FlexPool, you have the flexibility to make changes happen when you are ready without the added stress of having to predict the future.

For example, if you’re planning to move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, you can do so today, as A10 virtual appliances are already available in both clouds and part of the FlexPool capacity may be apportioned there. If you have your own private cloud, you can simultaneously allocate part of the pool to infrastructures running OpenStack, Cisco ACI or VMware’s vRO.

FlexPool is part of A10’s vision to help customers become more secure and agile as they bridge traditional and cloud application environments. The shift to hybrid models that combine cloud and software with on-premise requires a careful choreography, and FlexPool allows for seamless use of A10 application services – deployed on virtualized infrastructure, Bare Metal or in the cloud – in any environment without disruption.

With FlexPool, capacity pools are sharable across on-premise, public cloud and private cloud infrastructures to simplify cloud migrations, eliminate costly overprovisioning and prevent service disruptions. FlexPool enables you to spread the love.

FlexPool is available now in one-year or three-year subscriptions and with several capacity pool options, including 10G, 50G, 100G and custom. Gold support and software upgrades are included.

For more information on FlexPool, read today’s press release and download the FlexPool data sheet. If you like what you see, check out the free trial

Leah McLean
November 7, 2017

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