A One-Two Punch to Knock Out DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks continue to evolve. They’re consistently growing larger, more frequent and more sophisticated. They pose a formidable foe for IT and security pros looking to protect their networks and applications from downtime.

The Growing DDoS Attack Threat

Security teams demand solutions that can stand up against increasingly destructive threat actors and distributed denial of service attacks.

According to a recent IDG Connect report commissioned by A10, DDoS attacks of greater than 50 Gbps have more than quadrupled and companies experiencing between six and 25 attacks per year has ballooned by more than four times since 2015.

In just the past year, attacks leveraging the Mirai botnet exceeded 1 Tbps and WireX turned smartphones into weaponized DDoS devices.

Precise, High-Performance Detection of DDoS Attacks

The threat landscape has increased the need for distributed denial of service protection solutions that offer both best-in-class, high-performance DDoS mitigation, and precise DDoS detection.

Today, A10 strengthens our A10 Thunder TPS platform with the addition of surgical flow-based detection.

A10 Thunder TPS Detector delivers a right cross to DDoS attacks by managing a whopping 500,000 flows per second to swiftly and efficiently detect attacks – that’s more than double the industry’s closest competitive flow-based DDoS protection.

A10 Thunder TPS Detector tightly integrates with A10 Thunder TPS Mitigator and A10 aGalaxy TPS management solutions to provide automated detection and mitigation. TPS Detector is available now as a virtual machine on the A10 aGalaxy 5000 management appliance and via the configuration option on other TPS mitigation appliances.

When integrated with Thunder TPS Mitigator, Thunder TPS Detector delivers an uppercut that sends DDoS attacks to the mat. Meanwhile, A10 aGalaxy TPS management solutions orchestrate DDoS mitigation and deliver comprehensive management for rapid automated responses across the attack lifecycle.

This mighty combination results in a complete A10 Thunder TPS solution that empowers service providers, cloud providers, online gaming companies, enterprises and businesses of all sizes to lace up their gloves to detect and mitigate today’s aggressive and persistent DDoS attacks.

It works like this: TPS Detector analyzes user traffic to detect an attack and notifies aGalaxy TPS management. This triggers Thunder TPS Mitigator with the recommended mitigation templates, which results in a fast response across the attack lifecycle.

Thunder TPS assesses and understands the severity of a DDoS attack, automates effective escalation, and automatically runs countermeasures to mitigate DDoS attacks before they spread and wreak havoc. It’s DDoS defense at scale.

Intelligence, Performance and Scale

Thunder TPS is packed with capabilities to stop these types of attacks in their tracks. Using more than three dozen threat intelligence sources to block malicious traffic and monitor performance, while leveraging 28 behavioral indicators to identify attacks, which means Thunder TPS can throw considerably more punches than competitors. This gives TPS the power to inspect suspect traffic accurately and escalate policies to avoid dropping legitimate user traffic and eliminate false positives.

Thunder TPS also delivers massive scale and clocks in as the fastest box on the market, with A10 Thunder TPS 14045 delivering 300 Gbps of mitigation throughput capacity, or 2.4 Tbps in a cluster.

The Thunder TPS family delivers a one-two punch of detection and mitigation, all managed by aGalaxy, to give organizations of all sizes innovative, high-performance defense against the growing DDoS threat and to help them fight DDoS attacks with intelligence and agility at scale.

For more on A10 Thunder TPS, download our data sheet.

And to take a closer look at the DDoS threat landscape with our new research report, download it now.


October 11, 2017

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