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aXAPI REST-based Application Programming Interface Integration

The Thunder Series feature aXAPI, a REST-based Application Programming Interface (API), enabling remote interaction from third-party applications to control the server load balancer.

The comprehensive set of instructions available allows management functions to be quickly integrated for maximum flexibility. For example, the third-party applications could simply pull statistics for remote display or react to changing server conditions by dynamically provisioning or de-provisioning resources automatically from A10’s Thunder® Application Delivery Controller (ADC).

The innovative REST-based approach ensures simpler and quicker integration than other vendors’ options to guarantee implementation success.

aXAPI Communication

aXAPI Communication

Innovate RESTful Approach To Allow Rapid Deployment

The aXAPI REST (Representational State Transfer) style XML API differs from other vendors using a traditional SOAP/XML style by:

  • Being designed to use HTTPS with a request/response model to exchange data over HTTPS by default
  • Allows commands to be issued by a simple, single-line HTTP command versus a complicated XML definition with many different object definitions
  • Allows configuration of A10 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) parameters and retrieval of statistics

The benefits of REST versus traditional SOAP/XML-based approaches (more complicated XML approach) are:

  • Quicker implementation
    • Less code
    • Less complex
  • Easier to understand, explain and support

The aXAPI also helps the network administrator and developers to communicate and integrate to solve the business issues quickly.

Streamline Processes and Solve Business Issues

With aXAPI, integration is possible for many different applications:

  • Integrate into Third-Party Applications
    • Reporting
    • Centralized configuration management
    • Provisioning
  • Custom Management Solutions
    • Integrated into homegrown apps versus using the A10 CLI or Web GUI
    • Customization enables limited commands sets to be granted as needed
  • Interactive Infrastructure
    • Applications can issue triggers to change traffic management behavior based on external events

Paul Nicholson
October 4, 2017

Paul Nicholson brings 24 years of experience working with Internet and security companies in the U.S. and U.K. In his current position, Nicholson is responsible for global product… Read More