Safeguarding Mobile Service Providers from the Evolving Threat Landscape

A10 Staff
February 28, 2017

Safeguarding Mobile Service Providers from the Evolving Threat Landscape

As service providers fortify infrastructure for the transition to 5G and to better defend against the increasingly menacing threat landscape, you need to ensure your networks and services are not only secure today, but well into the future.

And it must be done while you continue to add new services to draw new customers and grow revenue.

It’s a perfect storm and presents the opportunity to break away from the competition and lead the pack.

Introducing Thunder CFW Gi/SGi FIrewall

At Mobile World Congress today A10 Networks lifted the curtain on the enhanced A10 Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall, which gives service providers enough throughput to support current and future traffic requirements, 256 million concurrent connections and more than 6 million connections per second, all in a compact single rack-unit appliance.

The Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall features Gi/SGi interface protection that safeguards subscribers while shielding mobile core infrastructure from multi-vector cyber attacks so services can be delivered uninterrupted.


A Security Detail for 5G and Mobile Threats

It’s a stateful layer 4 firewall that protects control-plane and data-plane communica­tions, combined with techniques such as traffic inspection, connection rate limiting, IP anomaly protection for granular attack mitigation and layer 4 and layer 7 DDoS protection to defend against multi-vector volumetric attacks. It also features integrated IPsec VPN to prevent eavesdropping and secure communications over wireless and Wi-Fi networks.

It empowers you to consolidate security and application networking into one high-performance solution so you can better monetize your network and introduce new revenue streams and services.

The Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall packs enough protection and infrastructure scale to ease the transitions to 5G and IPv6 to tackle the explosion of connected devices while supporting deployment of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) technologies to bring the operator’s NFV strategy to reality.

Integrated DDoS Defense

The Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall is the industry’s first Gi firewall with integrated protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which gives you an additional weapon in your security arsenal to protect your network and services from potentially catastrophic DDoS attacks.

Having DDoS protection integrated into the Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall ensures neither you nor your customers will suffer service disruption caused by a DDoS attack.

Prepare for 5G

The Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall primes you for the imminent transition from 4G to 5G, which will put a new spin on wireless by providing connectivity for more machines and devices. 5G is poised to spark a dramatic increase in connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

That means the amount of network traffic generated by IoT devices will reach unprecedented levels, adding new risks and an attractive attack vector for threat actors. Attackers recently leveraged IoT devices to carry out some of the largest DDoS attacks on record, including the attacks against Krebsonsecurity.com and OVH.

The Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall was specifically designed to protect you from the threats posed by the rise of IoT devices and 5G data services.

The Transition to IPv6

And the Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall goes one step further. It’s designed to aid in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 so you can maintain growth and business continuity while meeting current and future traffic requirements.

The appliance features integrated Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) which delivers IPv4 preservation and IPv6 transition technologies to address the looming shortage of IPv4 addresses and ensure a smooth transition to IPv6.

Peace of Mind

The security landscape is evolving. As a service provider, you need a robust firewall solution that ensures you and your customers are protected against modern threats and attacks. Yet, you can’t sacrifice performance for security. With the A10 Thunder CFW Gi/SGi firewall, you get the security of a carrier-grade firewall coupled with built-in DDoS protection along with a transition path to future-proof your networks for next generation technologies.

With the Thunder CFW Gi/SGI firewall, you get peace of mind.

For more information, download the solution brief.

A10 Staff
February 28, 2017

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