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Real-Time DDoS Detection and Mitigation: Live A10-Kentik Demo at MWC

There is no surprise.

While their motives vary, threat actors and criminal organizations are skillfully leveraging advanced distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against popular service providers, carriers and mobile operators. DDoS exploit kits are easy, inexpensive and highly effective.

“Just like death and taxes, the DDoS threat has reached the level of ‘unavoidable fact’ for the day-to-day of digital business and operators. And there is every reason to believe that DDoS attacks will do nothing other than grow in frequency and size for the foreseeable future,” Kentik Vice President of Strategic Alliances Jim Frey wrote in his blog, “The DDoS Arms Race.”

Service providers have struggled with multi-vector DDoS attacks for years. Even as attacks have evolved, many providers have failed to change their approach to DDoS protection.

The lack of a sound and proven strategy is even more critical at the dawn of powerful new IoT-enabled botnets, which has fueled the rise of the DDoS of Things (DoT). Hackers actors are using innocuous devices — such as routers, webcams and even printers — as a bridgehead to launch 1 Tbps-plus attacks.

This attack vector is gaining momentum in the service provider space, and is only expected to worsen as the number of IoT devices installed on earth is predicted to reach 24 billion by 2020.

Change is needed.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week (Feb. 27 through March 2), A10 and Kentik will demonstrate how our highly scalable DDoS protection and analytics solution mitigates attacks in real-time, helping service providers, mobile operators and carriers ensure better security across their core infrastructures.

Featuring Kentik Detect’s automated, real-time triggering of A10 Thunder TPS with 300 Gbps of mitigation throughput capacity, the joint A10 and Kentik solution detects and mitigates DDoS attacks to keep critical business traffic flowing.

“Kentik’s integration with A10 Networks couldn’t come at a better time, because the need for DDoS protection is rising along with the threat posed by IoT botnets. The recent attacks on OVH, Krebs, and Dyn were (yet another) wake-up call to the industry, reminding us that DDoS-induced outages can have a major negative impact on any targeted business. An IDGConnect survey in 2016 found that the average downtime due to DDoS attacks is 17 hours. Another article in Network World states that “’the loss numbers are big, too. Half of the organizations would lose at least $100,000 per hour in a peak-time DDoS-related out-age, [and] 33% would lose more than $250,000 per hour,’” Frey wrote in a recent blog post.

Stop by A10’s meeting room in the main hall at Mobile World Congress (2B14 MR) for a live demo and to learn more about how the joint A10-Kentik solution helps service providers bolster their security defenses.

For more information on big data-powered DDoS protection from A10 and Kentik, download this solution brief.


Geoff Blaine
February 23, 2017

A 10-year veteran of the security space, Geoff serves as A10's senior communications writer and content manager. He brings a blend of real-world journalism experience, cybersecurity perspective and… Read More