A Multi-Cloud Management Strategy Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank (Video)

According to a RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, 85 percent of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy, which is up from 82 percent in 2016.

Many enterprises and service providers plan to deploy their workloads in multiple clouds – public or private – including AWS, Azure, VMware, OpenStack and more.

We see two main reasons customers are looking to implement a multi-cloud strategy:

  1. Optimization – Different clouds provide different functionality and cost optimization. And with varying regulatory restrictions, organizations want to deploy different apps in various parts of the world.
  2. Risk Management – Businesses don’t want to place all of their bets on one cloud. They want to hedge those bets with multiple clouds so their apps can be portable and the process is easily managed.

Multi-Cloud Management Challenges

When you have different environments, challenges exist – the APIs and tools are different, and there is often no common way to aggregate information to understand how your apps are performing across all clouds.

It boils down to policy management and centralized visibility.

Part of A10’s solution for multi-cloud is Harmony Controller – a central point for management, control and analytics for application services. Harmony Controller delivers application level security, load balancing and advanced traffic management.

Harmony Controller offers customers myriad benefits, including:

  1. Managing your application policies irrespective of where your apps are deployed, no matter which cloud you are in – private, public and/or traditional data center.
  2. Aggregating metrics to access insight into how your apps are performing across clouds.

Harmony Controller provides control, management and analytics functions from a central location to distributed ADCs and enables bi-modal IT, self-service and automation for the agile application and IT teams.

In this video, Kamal Anand, vice president of A10’s cloud business unit, shares how A10 helps customers on their multi-cloud journey.

For more information on Harmony Controller, check out the free 30-day trial.


November 20, 2017

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