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Vendor Disruption May Have You Rethinking Your App Delivery Investments

ADC vendor landscape is experiencing a significant change as a result of acquisitions and shifting portfolio priorities among the two largest ADC vendors. That is bringing about uncertainty with customers who have relied on these vendors for their mission-critical application infrastructures. Businesses are built on applications, and for digital-first businesses, they are critical for driving revenue and delivering a positive customer experience.

The recent announcement by Cloud Software Group (formerly Citrix) around its product vision and strategy indicates a reduced commitment to pure-play NetScaler ADC customers in favor of its VDI customers. The new licensing terms reduce the flexibility and buying options and increase the TCO for customers who currently use NetScaler ADC to secure and load balance their non-VDI applications.

As a result, customers who are not currently using Citrix VDI, this presents a hard truth that they either must incur additional license fees beyond their technology needs or seek another ADC vendor.

Future proofing your application infrastructure means being able to rely on a vendor who is committed to ADC innovation and who will partner with you to support your business and technology objectives and not force you into unfavorable licensing schemes.

The A10 Advantage for Application Delivery and Load Balancing

A10, with Thunder ADC, offers a stable, committed alternative to NetScaler. A10 has maintained consistent profitability and no debt, and we continue to invest in our people and in R&D to support enterprise customers as they transform their businesses. We are well-positioned to support your business and technology needs.

Superior Support

Close to 80 percent of customers surveyed rank A10’s support as superior to its competitors. Thunder ADC ranks high with customers not only in terms of performance and total cost of ownership, but also offers superior support in case something goes wrong.

Flexible Licensing Model

For customers looking for flexible and pay-as-you-go licensing models, A10 offers flexible licensing with FlexPool, which allows organizations to allocate and redistribute ADC capacity across applications, on-premises data centers, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments. FlexPool helps prevent over provisioning and over investing in capacity you do not need. Customers buying solutions from vendors who do not offer this level of flexibility end up paying for a lot more than they need.

Ease of Management

With centralized management of ADC appliances deployed in a hybrid or a multi-cloud environment, A10 enables you to set consistent policies and gain visibility across your application delivery infrastructure. With multiple form factors, including hardware, virtual, bare metal and container based and across multiple clouds, A10 Thunder ADC delivers the performance, TCO and license flexibility that you need to simplify your application delivery infrastructure.

We have heard from various NetScaler customers that they are looking for an alternative and are choosing A10 for their ADC solution because we offer a compelling choice. A10 remains laser-focused on investing in Thunder ADC with industry-leading performance, security, and world-class customer support. Now is the time to evaluate and modernize your application infrastructure and achieve your business objectives.

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