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A10 Networks launches Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

A10’s CSR Initiative Aims to Help Build a More Sustainable Future

A10 Networks is launching a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative to plant an A10 Forest to help support action to slow climate change. Climate change as a result of human activity is a threat on Earth’s life supporting systems. To counter this threat, initiatives such as reforestation – planting trees – has a big impact, not just on environmental protection and CO­2 absorption, but also by providing communities with food security and economic development.

Through this CSR initiative, we are creating an A10 Forest in collaboration with Treedom. With the help of Treedom, our forest project will support many local farmers by providing them with the know-how and technical support for planting and effectively managing the forest.

Treedom’s planting activities in Asia, Africa and South America for the A10 Forest contribute to the achievement of 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations Development Program. This program aims to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all in the context of a new sustainable development agenda as shown below[i].

Environmental benefits of these agroforestry projects:

  • CO2 absorption worldwide
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Contrast soil erosion and desertification
  • Reforestation

Social and economic benefits in rural communities:

  • Work for local farmers
  • The choice of which trees to plant made in collaboration with the farmers
  • Training and income opportunities

If you would like more information on how to adopt a tree within the A10 Forest, please email emea@a10networks.com.

For more information visit Treedom’s website


Jessica Dimaro
March 8, 2021

About Jessica Dimaro

Jessica is the regional marketing manager at A10 Networks for Middle East, Turkey and Africa, leading marketing activities through the channel and to end users. Prior to A10,… Read More

A Sustainable Future

What starts as an idea, with time and nurture can grow into something bigger and more profound, and beautiful, just like a forest. The trees within the A10 Forest will be gifted to our customers and partners in our EMEA and SAARC regions[i]. Together, we can make a positive change towards a more sustainable future.

Visit The A10 Forrest A Sustainable Future