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Why Customers Relinquish Control and Embrace Automation

It’s an odd concept, perhaps, but a trend we see among our customers is relinquishing control. As different applications drive the business, application teams and applications require the kind of services that historically reside centrally in a hardware group.

This evolution — app teams coming online – has prompted network groups to empower application teams with new technologies that enable the ability to spin up and use apps as needed. That’s were tools like Ansible come into play.

The more service providers can make automated functionality available, the faster they can move and the more successful they can be, regardless of the cost. It’s all about the tools.

The compute has to be developed and the network has to be ready; apps need to be launched quickly. This is where automation shines.

Organizations don’t want to wait three weeks for virtual machines to be provisioned – they want to do tasks themselves and not be reliant on others.

Previously, it was imperative to automate compute. Now, it’s about automating the application itself. This raises the question: How do I make my app more agile?

Service providers are looking at moving to the cloud and need to be quick and nimble as they move to production. They are examining tools that will help them get there, such as Ansible.

In the video above, A10’s Rob Justice, systems engineer director, and Fadi Hafez, senior systems engineer, discuss what they are seeing in their customer environments.

To check out A10’s work in Ansible, visit the GitHub community.

Leah McLean
February 22, 2018

A10 Networks Senior Manager of Strategic Alliance Partner Marketing, Leah McLean, has several years of experience building and managing marketing, public relations and communications programs. She's driven campaigns… Read More

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