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Configuring Management Port on ACOS

Robert Keith
July 9, 2018

A10 Networks Blog

Standard Thunder configurations select a specific network interface to act as the Management port.  Management ports provide a set of services including:

  • SSH access for command line management (including public key authentication)
  • SMTP for email alerts
  • Web GUI access
  • SNMP and other management protocols
  • Software upgrades

This management interface cannot be used to route traffic.
The management interface must also reside on a unique IP subnet.  If attempting to configure an interface with the same IP subnet, the following error message will be displayed:
“IP Address already configured on an Interface”
If network architectures require sharing an IP subnet with both Management and network traffic ports, then a standard interface can be configured to support Management functions.

Example ACOS commands to enable the Management port

enable-management service ssh
  ethernet 3
enable-management service http
  ethernet 3
enable-management service https
  ethernet 3

The above commands enable access to the A10 Thunder system with an SSH session and via a web browser.
A complete list of services available for management are:

enable-management service ?
  acl-v4  IPv4 ACL service
  acl-v6  IPv6 ACL service
  http    HTTP service
  https   HTTPS service
  ping    Ping service
  snmp    SNMP service
  ssh     SSH service
  telnet  Telnet service

Robert Keith
July 9, 2018

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Robert has 30 years of experience in IT technology development and infrastructure management. He was the founder of several infrastructure ventures including Intellivence, MaxSP, Sentrik and most recently was the CTO of Iron Networks. As CTO of Iron Networks in San Jose, CA, he worked directly with many companies in the Silicon Valley to design and architect network, security, and cloud solutions. He worked directly with Microsoft engineering in the design of their cloud architectures including storage, Hyper-V, Systems Center and Virtual Networking. He also worked directly with Hortonworks to design a Hadoop deployment and management system using CentOS and many layered software packages. Read More