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How Service Providers Win: Part 8 – Strength Through Security

Andrew Hickey
July 13, 2017

In this eight-part series, we examine the myriad ways service providers can get an edge over their competition, launch and monetize new services, attract new customers and, ultimately, increase revenue. Essentially, we discuss how service providers can win in this ever-evolving environment.

Everything you’ve done to build out a world-class service provider network means nothing if it isn’t secure.

Picture this: your services get taken out by a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. In the always on, on-demand world, customers won’t tolerate any downtime, even just a few seconds. It may as well be an engraved invitation for your customers to flee to your competitors.

Along with the loss of customer satisfaction – which is huge – you’re stuck with a financial loss and the lasting reputation damage that arrives in the wake of a security attack.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself, your network and your services from the modern, sophisticated attacks that are the scourge of the today’s Web.

DDoS Defense

It’s every service provider’s nightmare: getting knocked offline by a DDoS attack. You need to protect yourself.

DDoS protection comes in many shapes and forms, but for the best defense you should seek out a solution that can scale to defeat the DDoS of Things, the colossal Internet of Things-fueled DDoS attacks that have become the norm.

DDoS attacks have exceeded the 1 Tbps threshold for the first time on record, and it’s now estimated that there will be at least one 1 Tbps or larger attack per month this year.

Scalable protection from volumetric attacks is a must.

Expose Encrypted Threats

Threat actors are getting sneakier. While many organizations rely on encrypted traffic to keep sensitive data private, these attackers are using it to hide their malware. The thinking behind it is, if it’s concealed in encrypted traffic, it can go undetected. And that’s mostly true.

Service providers need security solutions that shine a light on this critical network blind spot and expose malicious threats hidden in encrypted traffic. Once these threats are exposed, they can be mitigated. Solutions that decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic are a imperative.

Firewall Protection

Traditional firewalls only get the job partially done. Service providers need solutions that pack a real punch and marry more than one capability.

converged firewall is the answer. Adding more services into a firewall streamlines your network by consolidating security and application networking into a single, high-performance solution.

With a convergent firewall, you can get a secure web gateway, data center firewall, Gi/SGi firewall and IPsec VPN all in one solution for well-rounded, thorough protection.

To earn customer trust, service providers must ensure their networks and their services are secure. Using these solutions will help service providers deliver their services without interruption from security issues.

To discover first-hand how A10 Networks delivers innovative secure application delivery services for the world’s top service providers, contact us today.

Eight Part Series

Andrew Hickey
July 13, 2017

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